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  1. One and Only 1967 GT500 Super Snake at Auction

    Classic Talk
    The one and only 1967 Shelby GT500 is up for auction. It was built to show off a new set of tires, and it sports a GT40 427 V8. And it's going to go for a whole lot of cash. Carroll Shelby was more than just the guy who built fast Mustangs in 1967. He also had the west coast distributorship for...
  2. 3-Row Raditor

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys, I have a radiator for sale. It is brand new, never been installed. This is a 3-row aluminum radiator for 79-93 Ford mustang - manual transmission only, engine codes: 302ci (5.0l). I accidently bought this one over the one I actually needed, for my 2000 v6 stang.. Selling it $75...
  3. 1967 GTA Coupe pricing?

    Classic Talk
    Hey guys, Unfortunately I may be forced to sell my 1967 GTA Hardtop facepalm.gif My question to you guys is what would be a respectable offer? It is a 289 4v, Edelbrock performer intake with 4 barrel 600CFM carb, new ceramic hedman headers completed with X pipe dual flowmaster exhaust, kill...
  4. 1965 Mustang coupe, 7.25 axle price.

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1965 Mustang Coupe, I recently blew the spider gears in the axle:bigthumbsup haha. The axle is a 7.25 Ford axle, everything else is fine, ring and pinion doesn't even have a knick in them, axle shafts straight gears fine, bearings fine, just the spider gears are gone. I'm going to...
  5. New to Site. Hey Guys.

    I have just posted a 78 Stang II in the Classified section if anyone is interested GC 4 cyl, 4 spd Blue on Red Runs good, drives good, No rust anywhere. Never seen winter. Southern Car. Thanks. Love the Site. Ben
  6. Texas Mustang Dealership??

    I'm hoping somebody on here can help me. There was at one point a all mustang dealership somewhere in Texas and they sold all generations. I found the website about 4 years ago and can not remember what the dealership was or what town it was in. Could somebody please help me and tell me if it is...
  7. Selling Multiple Aftermarket Parts for 3.7!

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    I have the roush axle backs, bbk throttle body, never opened driveshaft, a sct bama tuner, and american racing tires and wheels! If interested post a reply!
  8. 1985 Ford Mustang Gt hatch value?

    5.0L Tech
    Hello I'm looking at buying a 1985 Mustang GT. The body condition is great and it has about 138k miles on it. 5 speed 302 pretty much stock with cobra r rims. There is no rust on it and it came from down south. Doesn't have t-tops. Not completely perfect couple dings here and there inside and...
  9. Value of a 1972 Mustang "As Is" Price?

    Classic Talk
    ok, so this is going to happen soon.. I havn't listed the Mustang yet.. Would like to hear some responses for what I should let this go for.. obviously I want the most dollar for it, so it can sit longer if need be.. 1972 ford mustang grande 302 Edelbrock Performer Intake Holley 600 Nasa...
  10. 2011 5.0 gt for sale!

    4.6L Tech
    REMOVED> Putting in classified. Sorry for the mix up. CW
  11. 1965 Mustang 200 CID 3 speed - need advice in pricing

    West Coast
    I need some help pricing my 1965 Coupe, 200 CID 3 speed. My dad was the original owner, and I have a copy of the original title, the original bill of sale and several of the old license receipts. It had about $7,000 in engine work done about 4 years ago and was running great, but the...
  12. potential new car, looking for advice

    V6 Talk
    Have been looking around at some new options as my car is starting to show here her age, any opinions on the cars below? 1995 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT Coupe - Kitchener / Waterloo Cars For Sale - Kijiji Kitchener / Waterloo Canada. Supercharged 1995 Ford Mustang Coupe - London Cars For Sale -...
  13. 1997 Mustang Coupe (5 speed)

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but have been a Mustang owner since 1995. Currently, I'n looking for advice on selling my beloved '97 V6 Coupe (Rare Aztec Gold color), since times are hard and I can't afford to fix him up. The engine was rebuilt by an authorized Ford dealer repair shop three years...
  14. FINALLY sold my 2006 mustang ( I THINK )

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Has anyone else been having a hard time selling their 05-09 mustangs? I've had mine for sale since August and just within the last few weeks I started to get interest in it. A guy is supposed to pick mine up around wednesday. I loved that car but I can honestly say I'm glad to see it go...
  15. How much would you pay for...

    Mustang II Talk
    Just out of curiosity, how much would you guys pay for a 1974 Mustang II fastback with 26k original miles on it? Runs well and everything under the hood that would need replacement is already replaced (brake fluid, all belts, oil, etc.). Interior is in mint condition and no rust on the exterior...
  16. I'm having trouble selling my car.

    4.6L Talk
    So i am selling my car and i'm having a little trouble doing it. I have craigslist ads posted, and even have magnetic signs on the side of the car. I know times are hard and people arent looking to buy cars right now. Does anyone have any pointers about how to get it sold faster??:worship
  17. 2004 Turbo V6, $6700!!

    V6 Talk
    Wow this is an awesome car. if i could talk my dad into letting me have a turbo, this baby would be mine. 2004 Mustang turbo v6 or TMA TURBO KIT disregard that for the "OR"^ shoulda seen that comin:frustrated: still, a good buy with 88k miles
  18. Should I trade? 1966 Mustang coupe for 99 cobra convertible

    Classic Talk
    I have not seen the cobra yet, but it's a 2nd owner, unmodified car, with 97k miles. This is the ad for my car: 1966 Ford Mustang if that doesn't work... 1966 A-code Mustang coupe, 3-speed manual transmission, power steering, recently restored pony interior (with rare center console)...
  19. What's a fair price?

    Classic Talk
    This is my first time posting a question, but here goes - I've been looking for a classic mustang for some time and found a car over the weekend that's very close to what I want. It's a 1966 Emberglo coupe, A-code, 3 speed, pony interior, center console. The interior is all new, paint is...