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  1. Mustang / Ford Related News
    When the GT350 came out, the world loved it. Esoteric, old-timey words like flat, plane, and crank came back into vogue and the howling sound of a high-revving V8 reminded us that the Shelby name stands for track dominance. History had repeated itself (sort of) and if it was to repeat itself...
  2. Classic Talk
    To those of us who grew up watching car shows on Saturday morning instead of cartoons, Dennis Gage’s glorious moustache is a promise of insight and historical excellence. It’s hardly surprising then that this nearly 100 minute, unedited interview with Carroll Shelby should come from his show, My...
  3. Classic Talk
    Am I going to go see Ford v. Ferrari on opening weekend? Yes. Is there anything short of the revelation that Le Mans is a subplot and this is actually a movie about chicken farming that would me from going to see the movie? No. So what exactly is the point of this trailer? Porn. The latest...
1-3 of 3 Results