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  1. Forged internal questions

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey everyone. I am looking for a good forged rotating assembly for my 06 mustang gt and i am having some trouble finding the right one to go with. I am brand new to engine building so go easy on a newbie like me. Some things to consider is the engine is a 4.6L V8, 281ci, and going to receive a...
  2. Need options/opinions on forged internals

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I am looking to get my block built up to handle the 550HP ford racing kit. I am wanting to start with the internals. So I am wondering what rotating assembly would be the best for this kit. Thanks in advance!
  3. 4.6 motor build bolt question

    4.6L Tech
    I currently have a built bottom end H-Beam manley rods and CP pistons all forged.. My question is where can I find some main cap bolts? It's all assembled but Im not sure if the shop who assembled it used the factory torque to yield bolts or not that i had dropped the block off with so I dont...
  4. Adding power to a v6 mustang?

    V6 Tech
    I have a 3.8 v6 with 140,000 miles on it and want to add a lot of power to it, but I'm not sure if the engines Gona hold up of I do, so I was thinking about boring to 4.3, stroking, and forging. I haven't found a lot of info on this stuff and have no idea on how much this would cost me to do or...
  5. Extensive supercharging questions/Brenspeed Stage 2 B302 Rotating Assembly

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey guys, I've been reading threads on this website related to supercharging engines for the past year or so and just wanted to straighten a few things out as I start to think more seriously about supercharging my baby (aiming for 450hp with sqidd's gt500 set-up). First of all, I've come to...
  6. Tough decisions and lots of headaches.

    4.6L Tech
    Ooook, to start this off I own a 2003 mustang gt with only a cai and borla mufflers with 100,000 miles on the engine. I can't make a decision to either buy a new 5.0 block and build that with forged internals orrr just use the block i have now and forge that if that would even be safe...
  7. Forged 2007 Mustang GT Internals HP Level

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    How much hp could I make with forged pistons, connecting rods, and crank on the stock block with a supercharger at the flywheel? At the rear wheels? Would I have to change anything else for street driving with that much horsepower? Were talking a goal of like 700 flywheel hp? Will the...
  8. Connecting rod question

    5.0L Tech
    Hello everyone! Before i went ahead and posted this thread i searched the forum and was unsuccessful in finding the answer to my question. I have a set of stock ford connecting rods from a 302. the part number reads as followes: C80E-A. I understand these are the standard size being 5.090 inches...
  9. bad piston... is the engine still useable?

    4.6L Tech
    timing chain broke and bent some valves causing piston to valve (valves hit the pistons)... can the short block still be used without any repairs... had manley notched forged pistons so the pistons already had the reliefs cut in them... the marks dont look too terribly bad
  10. what to put in new engine

    V6 Talk
    ok guys, im getting my engine rebuilt soon hopefully and its gonna cost $1800 for the rebuild, but the mech only wants the engine block not the whole car so i aslo have to pay for someone to take it out and put it back in, so prolly another $1000. i know i want new cam, i like the comps cams but...
  11. 03-04 cobra pistons

    4.6L Talk
    i recently found a set of cobra pistons out of an 03. now i was wondering is there a way to tell if they are forged or not? i no some 03-04 cobras have forged pistons from the factory but do they all?
  12. super six motorsports stroker kit?

    V6 Talk
    Hey guys I was wondering how much boost the stroker kits from supersixmotorsports can handle? or do they each have diffrent ratings? I know they have a 4.3 and 4.2 stroker kit... the reason i was asking is because ive decided to save up some cash and procharge it instead of trying to build the...
  13. Shopping for a 331 rotating assembly.

    5.0L Tech
    So I decided to get a a stroker kit to put in, and right away I decided to get all forged and balanced parts. But now that I think about it, I'm wondering if forged pistons and rods with a cast crank will be ok. What do you guys think? the top of the block will have AFR 185 heads, an...
  14. crank and shift kit for 2v

    4.6L Talk
    do 2V 5-speeds rev higher than autos? if i got a tuner where i can adjust shift points, can i set them at redline of a 5-speed without having crank problems? the machs and cobra 5-speeds rev higher that the 4V autos and even come with a forged crank. would a forged crank from a 4V fit a 2V with...