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  1. Quicktime RM-6053 bell on 5.0/T5 clutch engagement problem

    Mustang II Tech
    I have installed the QuickTime RM-6053 bell on a 5.0 302 in my Cobra II. This has been a 3 year project, thus far. This is the second QuickTime bell that I am trying because the first one shipped to me had incorrect starter hole configuration, as some others have experienced. It now fits great...
  2. vibrating clutch! :'(

    5.0L Tech
    well recently i changed my clutch. got one from clutch masters.. it ran good. but then i started hearing a noise in my tranny i looked under and i saw the clutch fork going up and down banging on the housing. so i worked on it and sat that my clutch fork was a bit worn. so i changed it. it...
  3. 5th gear / reverse shift fork broken

    5.0L Tech
    Just got my trans out, and turns out I completly broke the 5th gear / rev. shift fork.. Everything else inside the trans checks out ok. Anyone know where I'd be able to find this part?? Nobody locally is any help.. Thought it wouldn't be this hard to find internals considering these T-5's are so...