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  1. will they fit my car

    4.6L Tech
    Whats up fellow mustang folks. I have a 2001 GT Mustang convertible. I found some chrome fr500 18x9 and 18x10 the only problem is the wheels came off a 2007 gt. I need to know if these wheels will work on my car before i waste my time and sell my wheels i have on my car now. I know the...
  2. Fitment 315s on 2003 Mustang Cobra

    4.6L Talk
    I was curious if 315/35/18s would fit on the back of my 03 termi, still has irs and stock cobra brakes..
  3. Any ideas what wheels I should get for a 2002?

    Wheels and Tires I am looking at some wheels but I just don't know what I should get. I have a 2002 Dark Shadow Gray Mustang with Black stripes and deck lid panel. I think black would look good with my car but chrome is also nice...
  4. 20" FR500 Machined Installed 2012 Mustang

    Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys and gals, there are not many photos out there on the web that I can find with a 2010-2012 model Mustang with 20" FR500 machined and black wheels installed so I figured I'd do the honors and post up some photos for reference. 2012 3.7 stock ride height. Hope I help out anyone that has...
  5. Opinions Please. FR500 Wheels.

    4.6L Tech
    So I need help, I want everyones opinion, So in your Opinion which would look better on a 2001 Black Mustang Bullitt that is already pretty much blacked out. The Stealth FR500 wheels or the Black Chrome FR500 wheels? Let me know what you guys think. thanks.
  6. 2008 GT and new FR500 mufflers

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I just installed the FR500 M-5230-S mufflers to replace my Bassani SS's The sound is throatier for sure but more important most of it stays outside of the car. I didn't believe when I read other opinions on these mufflers where folks said all of the sound exits at the exhaust tip, but now I am a...
  7. New 1997 Black Mustang cobra, Gears/ inspection help.

    SVT Cobra Tech
    Hey everyone. I'm brand new to this forum and everything mustang. To start I'm a sixteen year old kid. I drove an f-150 and worked my ass off to buy my first real man's vehicle: Its a 1997 Black Cobra- 120k - 18" deep dish Fr500's- CL Cold air Intake- Cats removed Exaust...
  8. SSBC Brake Kit for 2006 Mustang GT -- Opinions?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hello, all, I've been looking into stepping up my stock brakes for a while, ever since I added my supercharger. My reasoning was that if I can go (and oh, my, can I ever), I should be able to stop at least as well, if not better. I don't track the car, nor will I likely be doing so in the...
  9. Trying to identify steering wheel similar to FR500 type

    Mustang Tech
    I came across aThunderbird project on Flickr (Cobra Cluster on Flickr - Photo Sharing!) and saw a steering wheel like the ones used in 94-04 Mustangs on it. It looks like a race-styled FR500 steering wheel except it has the "bumps" with carbon fiber look on it. Does anyone know what steering...
  10. staggered FR500's or not?

    Wheels and Tires
    ok i've been wanting some black FR500's for a while now and i cant decide if i want them staggered, i know i want black 18" but i already have am wheel spacers 1 1/4" on my current rims but i love the big tires in the back look. i have heard that they will make my car slower trying to turn 10"...
  11. 18x9 and 18X10 Need Tire Suggestions

    4.6L Tech
    :headscratch:Im getting a pair of 18x9 front and 18x10 rear black chrome fr500's for my car and i was just curious what the optimal tire size was? I could really use some all season tires but if worse comes to worse i dont 100 percent have to have them...... any help would be greatly...
  12. need help choosing wheels!

    4.6L Tech
    my car is near stock but i love the aggressive look wide wheels have in the back. so i wanted to know which would slow me down less. i wanna go with some black chrome fr500's 17x10.5 or 18x10. i would be running 315/35/17 or 335/35/17 with spacers for clearance issues or 295/35/18 or a size...