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  1. 1966 rear frame rail installation help

    Hi i have a 1996 mustang that needs both rear frame rail redone and i need help doing this im into the car deep now cant turn back please give me ideas how to fix this problem
  2. 1967 Mustang Rear Frame rail placement

    Classic Tech
    So I'm new to the whole car restoration scene and just bought my first project car, a 1967 Mustang Coupe. It seemed to be going along just fine tearing out the floor pan, passenger side rear frame rail and inner rocker, trunk floor and quarter panel. I read up before I started and the advice...
  3. 69 coupe shock tower assembly

    Classic Tech
    Long story but heres the short version. My 69 mustang i purchased was in a accident. It got driven into a ditch and therefore the front end is pushed up and the the right on the passenger side. I was told it cannot b e straightned because of previous restoration work done to the frame rail. Can...
  4. 66 coupe --Anatomy of a frame rail questions

    Classic Tech
    I have asked a few questions about frame rails, but I have a couple more. I have looked in a few catalogs for the parts I will need to replace the front part of my 66 coupe's frame rail. I am slightly confused. They sell inner and outer patch rails pieces and some say "boxed" and some do not...
  5. 66 coupe strut rod mount removal

    Classic Tech
    I will need to replace about 14 inches of the front frame rails and will need to remove the strut rod braces on both sides in order to do it. How are those things attached? spot welds or continuous welds? Does anyone know a good article or video that covers the replacement of frame rails?
  6. 1966 Mustang frolnt frame patch help

    Classic Tech
    The front frame rails on my 66 coupe will need to have some replacement pieces welded in (about 4 inches past where the bumper brackets bolt on), but not sure how to disassemble all the welded parts, such as the radiator support, fender aprons, etc. Any suggestions and/or ideas would be...
  7. Fox body front frame rail

    5.0L Talk
    I have a 84 mustang GT-350 that we made replacement frame rails for and my question is What years would have the same frame rail in them ? We made all the pieces just like the original ones with the sway bar pad. We cut them with a plasma cam and can produce more of them if there is a demand for...
  8. 1988 Mustang LX what to do swap or repair frame rail

    5.0L Tech
    :worshipthanks in advance been using this forum to gain insight on my project very useful i have 1988 lx bought it cheap (front end damage ) my first 5 l btw thought it was just the rad support and bumper brackets turns out the frame rail is cracked swap it or repair it ? doing a bit of...
  9. 1965 Mustang coupe frame rail rot- can she be saved?

    Classic Tech
    Okay, so I'm flying along in the restoration. Then other day I have her up on stands while I'm working on the transmission linkages. I go to slide out to grab something and my head hits the drivers side floor support...shortly followed by a rainstorm of rust. Looking closer, it would seem that...
  10. 1968 coupe rusted rail issue

    Classic Tech
    Ok so I found a slight issue with the weep hole for my front frame rail rusting out over time that I negelected to find during my initial inspection.Upon giving my car a decent once over after getting her home I started poking around more on the underside and found one weep hole slightly larger...
  11. rubber stopper on a 1967 rear frame rail

    Classic Tech
    I was wondering if anyone knows what the rubber stopper thing is on the rear frame rail of a 1967 coupe. You can see it right behind th wheel well, it's welded to the frame. What's it's function?
  12. 1965 mustang drivers side inner frame rail

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys...hadn't been on in a while, but I was looking to get a few opinions on my driver's side inner frame rail. Here's the deal - I cut out my floors doing the long pan replacements from the firewall to the backseat, and while I was at it I cut out the short firewall patch replacement on the...