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  1. 65 coupe frame rail rot- HELP ME!!!

    Classic Talk
    Ive got a 65 coupe im restoring. ive rain into a few problems but the guy i bought it from replaced some of the floor pans, the drive shaft, the rear axle, the rear suspension and springs, and the frame rails. now im working on the front and the front frame rails have some bad rust. one part...
  2. 1967 Mustang Coupe frame diagram

    Classic Tech
    I just purchased a 1967 Mustang Coupe, 90,000 original miles. Does anyone know where I can find a diagram of the frame? Thanks
  3. Where can I get a Windshield Frame for a 2000 Convertible GT?

    4.6L Tech
    The top where the windshield meets the frame is rusting and my auto body shop says they wont be able to fix it, that the frame will have to be replaced. So where can I find one? I really hate to go used and the shop found one online, however I can not for the life of me find one myself, has...
  4. 69 coupe shock tower assembly

    Classic Tech
    Long story but heres the short version. My 69 mustang i purchased was in a accident. It got driven into a ditch and therefore the front end is pushed up and the the right on the passenger side. I was told it cannot b e straightned because of previous restoration work done to the frame rail. Can...
  5. 69 coupe frame rail/rad support labor help

    Classic Tech
    My 69 coupe was in a accident. the passenger side of the front has been pushed up and to the right. i have been told straightening is out of the question because the frame rail has been patched with steel plate and if pulled the welds wouyld snap. I was wondering what the cost for a shop to cut...
  6. 2006 Mustang GT Front End Assembly

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hi Everyone, Had a car accident few weeks ago. I rear ended a car and then ended up hitting a pole. Now I'm all good but the mustang is not. It took a nasty hit. The whole LH (Driver) front section needs replacing, apron ass. upper apron reinforcement, upper radiator core support etc. I...
  7. 1969 mach 1 frame

    4.6L Talk
    I just started my first restoration project and looking for a 69 mach 1 frame. I am trying to keep the car as original as possible due to it has the matching 390 FE and trans. What other frame did ford built that matched the 69 mach 1 frame? I was injured in Iraq so my pay has been cut by half...
  8. 93 convt staple rail and brackets

    5.0L Talk
    does anyone know where to get the 4 brackets that connect the 23 stapple rails in the well of a convertable? they look like modified c with a carriage bolt
  9. mileage on cars

    5.0L Talk
    Hey everybody, my 94 gt has approx 152k on the body and engine and I was wondering how much more life I can expect out of it? Mostly everything in it is stock as you can see in my signature and i know that it hasn't been beet on sense fourteen thousand because my uncle owned it previously. So...
  10. 1993 Mustang Convertible top Frame cracked

    5.0L Tech
    Does anyone make aftermarket convertable top frame parts? Both front pivot points on this car are broken and I would like to just replace the cheaply made part with something higher quality. OR do i have to go junkyard for another weak frame?
  11. Does anyone have body Frame dimensions

    5.0L Tech
    While my car is all in pieces i want to check the frame alignment. Does anyone know what the frame measurments are? Back when i worked for the Big C we had manuals that listed the dimensions and the locations to measure from. Any one know if ford does this? i would have to think all cars have...
  12. frt bumper support on 1993 Mustang LX

    5.0L Talk
    Picked up a bumper support today off a 91 LX. was told that it was the same as a 93 LX. The Support is fiberglass with 4 bolt holes for each mount. my car has 2. Did i not get all the parts or are they really different?
  13. best paint for frames

    5.0L Talk
    Just pulled my 93 fox down to bear bones. what is the best paint to use on the frt suspension and other under body parts? any suggestions on a place to get sheet metal? need frt floor pan for driver and pass.
  14. Front end Conversion from 1998 to 1999-2004 front end

    4.6L Talk
    it may be a crazy idea but i think it has been rarely done :shiny: i got in a front end wreck with my 1998 mustang a couple of fridays ago (air in my brake lines) and most of my front end was destroyed in the wreck (didnt touch the engine, phew). i was thinking while i was having my car towed...
  15. Question about body work

    V6 Tech
    on my '94 mustang, v6 3.8L, i destroyed the front end in a fender bender. i was just wondering, my grill has been pushed inward toward the driver. which caused my serpentine belt to be cut, but i already replaced that, anyway is there anyway i can fix the front frame? or at least fix the hood...
  16. 1966 Convertible Top Frame Help

    Classic Tech
    I need some serious help here so I am turning to you guys. I recently went back to my parents house to pick up my 1966 Convertible. This was my first car and I finally have a place of my own to store it. My dad has been doing minor fixes to it over the years but his latest conquest has got...
  17. 1967 Mustang Fastback When is rusty too rusty?

    Classic Tech
    I have been looking at a 1967 Mustang Fastback that is in my budget, however it is very rusty. I am brand new to building a classic(my father has built several cars and is currently in the middle of two chevrolets...don't hold that against me.) so everthing will be a challenge...but that is the...
  18. rubber stopper on a 1967 rear frame rail

    Classic Tech
    I was wondering if anyone knows what the rubber stopper thing is on the rear frame rail of a 1967 coupe. You can see it right behind th wheel well, it's welded to the frame. What's it's function?