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  1. Foxbody Front End Shake

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys so i'm having an issue with my coupe, ever since i bought it, it's had a horrible front end shake at speeds higher then 70MPH. Everything in the front end was stock so i replaced the tie rods inner and outer, ball joints, wheel bearings and brand new rotors and brake pads as well as new...
  2. 05-09 mustang anyone know what body kit or front end this is?

    4.6L Talk
    Ive seen this front end a couple times on the net and cant find anything about it anywhere or what it is, but I would love to have it. anyone could tell me what it is or where to buy it I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Noises from front end.

    4.6L Tech
    So as of the last few months my front end has been making 2 odd noises, the 1 one i hear when I a) go over a speed bump, and i try to stop too fast. (Same noise sound: it sounds like a loud thud) b)i have like an old rusty metal creak when i drive. I was told that (a) was bad lower ball joints...
  4. 2002 Mustang: Noise from the front when turning wheel

    Diode Dynamics
    Ok so I thought I needed a little grease but knew that mostly they are sealed and dont need grease Buddy mechanic says that yes they need lube but they are sealed OK, so what is that??? Now we dont grease we replace I guess What he did is drilled a hole into the joint and injected some...
  5. Roush Chin Splitter

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hello mustang friends! I have a Roush front fascia and I absolutely love it! It's just I wish the chin spoiler was a little longer. Any suggestions on how I can make It longer or buy splitter that will work with the Roush front end and Give me the look im looking for? šŸ˜Ž Thanks pictures would be...
  6. 1968 mustang front end makes grinding noise

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys. This is my first time posting to this forum (or any classic car forum), and I have an inline 6 200 CID that my dad and I have almost fully rebuilt, and there are still a few issues. When I'm going from about 15 mph to about 30 mph while turning right, there's this almost like grinding...
  7. 65 Mustang front end problem

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys maybe someone here can help me, I've had a problem with my front end for a few years now making my mustang undrivable. What is going on is as I drive down the road normally the front end rises in the air and the front tires squeal and it swerves from side to side. There are about an...
  8. Best 1968 Mustang suspension upgrades for your buck?

    Classic Tech
    Hey, looking into doing some suspension upgrades this coming april. I have decided that getting the rear end done before the front would be best because of classic's poor rear end suspension and weight problem. There are 3 routes I would like to go, for $5000 I can put in an independent rear...
  9. front end help!

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Ok, so I spent a good amount of time today and yesterday looking up solutions to the infamous mustang "rattle in front end when hitting a bump". I'm sitting in my driveway staring at a rotor and sway bar link. I checked my sway bar and the link, everything is tight. (This is a 2009 4.0l with...
  10. LX front end restoration

    5.0L Tech
    well, I got the front of my car tore down to the inner fenders and I found that there is some damage to the radiator support, inner fender aprons, and to the sections to the rear of the strut towers. Its minor damage but just enough to throw the hood and fender/door alignment off a little...
  11. 2002 Mustang Front End After Wreck

    V6 Tech
    I have a 2002 V6 Mustang that I wrecked. I am 19 and my parents are saying that we are going to fix it up with used parts and try to sell it for money to buy another car (unfortunately they wont buy me another mustang :/). But I do not know what parts we need to fix it up. I know I do need a...
  12. 1968 Mustang Switching from 4 lug, to 5 lug Hubs. whats the best option

    Classic Tech
    So ive been switching out my 1968 Mustang with the I6 to a 351W. I have the Rear switched, and now working on the front. What is the best system to go with for Converting it to a 5 Bolt Hub, and spindle. I dont want to spend $1000 on a kit, when i know i could make something else work. Does...
  13. 1983 Mustang GT 5.0 Front clip tv stand

    5.0L Talk
    what do you thin? should i paint it a different color?
  14. Want my rear a little higher than front end, help me out!!

    V6 Talk
    I've seen a couple of 90's camaros and of course a couple of new edge mustangs with a drop, but with the front end sitting about an inch lower than the rear, I really love this look because it gives it a very aggressive look, what would be a good amount of drop to acheive this look? im thinking...
  15. 2006 Mustang GT Front End Assembly

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hi Everyone, Had a car accident few weeks ago. I rear ended a car and then ended up hitting a pole. Now I'm all good but the mustang is not. It took a nasty hit. The whole LH (Driver) front section needs replacing, apron ass. upper apron reinforcement, upper radiator core support etc. I...
  16. suspension, steering re-build

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    my 1967 mustang coupe is ready for me to look at the suspension, front end etc. So far I have only replaced the rear shocks. Everything looks tired, bushings, ball joints etc. What should I do first? Do I need new springs front and back? I see some kits, like this: Laurel Mountain Mustang - 1967...
  17. 1966 mustang shock tower straighening?

    Classic Talk
    I sent my 1966 Mustang out to get the front end totally rebuilt. The job was completed. I asked the mechanic to install a monte carlo bar due to my suspicions of uni-body sag at the shock towers over time. After attempting to install the monte carlo bar he called me to say that the passenger...
  18. Need early 1965 Mustang Coupe Chassis/Body alignment specifications.

    Classic Tech
    I'm going to weld the cowl, floor pans, front sub frames, and radiator with radiator support back on and it all measures within spec... however, I need measurements from the aprons were the fenders bolt up to. If anyone knows anything about the cross measurements please let me know... I have a...
  19. Front end Conversion from 1998 to 1999-2004 front end

    4.6L Talk
    it may be a crazy idea but i think it has been rarely done :shiny: i got in a front end wreck with my 1998 mustang a couple of fridays ago (air in my brake lines) and most of my front end was destroyed in the wreck (didnt touch the engine, phew). i was thinking while i was having my car towed...
  20. Front end leaking

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hi to all, The Ford dealer had a sale on oil changes the other day for $19.99. Shoot, it costs me that to do it myself, so I went ahead and had them do it. Upon inspection, I was told the front end was leaking, and would cost $850.00 to repair. I hadn't expected that, so I left to think...