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  1. 2002 And Other Years Mustang Fuel Pump Change

    V6 Tech
    Changing the fuel pump is a stone-cold bee otch in the driveway as a one-man job. I did this over the weekend, and I wanted to do a writeup to help if any other lunatic wants to try it. First, see if you can shanghai a buddy into helping. Tell the buddy that his work clothing will get dirty...
  2. Fuel filler grommet. NEED HELP!

    4.6L Talk
    I want to replace the fuel filler grommet and possibly the fuel filler neck on my 1999 Ford Mustang GT. I have never done it before but have heard it is easier then it looks. I'm looking for some help (i.e instructions, pictures, links, etc.)
  3. Locate Fuel Filter on my Classic Mustang?

    Classic Tech
    i know i am a Big idiot! but i dont know where the fuel filter is located at guys? big help pls thank>>> i need to replace it pronto!
  4. Possibly Fuel Leak 1999 Mustang GT

    4.6L Tech
    For months now my 1999 Ford Mustang GT has had a weird smell that arises when I either just filled my tank or when I take sharp turns. A few days ago I have filled my tank up to F for the first time in awhile and I took a turn and noticed a small trail in the rear view mirror and smelled a raw...
  5. Fuel Filler on S197 Problems in the UK

    I'm new to Ford Mustangs and am generally very proud and impressed with the performance, quality and look of the Mustang S197. It appears that like most other cars there are always a few little niggles that eat away at you until you either have it looked at by a local dealer (not an option in...