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fuel issues

  1. I can't get more than 6 gallons into my tank

    V6 Tech
    Hi, I'm new to this forum & seem to have a unique problem. I've got a 65 Mustang & I can't get more than 20-odd litres (5-6 gallons) in, before it starts coming out of the filler pipe. I've tried all the old tricks to remove air locks, to no avail. I'm pretty sure the sender unit is working...
  2. 1968 Mustang Idle/Accelation Issues

    Classic Tech
    Greetings. Regrettably, a few days ago I ran my Mustang ('68, 289 A-code, automatic) dry of gas and now I am experiencing rather severe idling and acceleration issues. Idles just fine when in park, but gets choppy and weak when put into drive, and has a noticeable lack of acceleration and...
  3. Fuel Injectors... Need help

    4.6L Tech
    Hey Guys... I am having some misfire issues with my 04 mustang GT... when my engine is at about 2000RPM my check engine light starts flashing and i can feel it drop a cylinder or sometimes 2. I first thought it was the coilovers since I have an ignition booster and that just killed them... but...
  4. starting problem :(

    5.0L Tech
    new to the site and have a problem... had my 91 for almost a year never had any pronlems with it has been a dream but just today it wouldnt start.. it was turning over then kinda starting like it wasnt staying running though then all of a sudden started up and was perfect after maybe 30seconds...