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fuel problem

  1. This "popping" has me stumped. Any help? Been an all summer thing.

    Classic Tech
    So I posted on here about a month ago about my 1968 Mustang with a rebuilt 302 in it. I've rebuilt the carb twice. New distributor, new pertronix ignitor (my problem was still there with the points) new cap and rotor. Already did a compression test. Did the spraying around the intake for...
  2. '68 302. Clear inline fuel filter bone dry after driving and kills motor.

    Classic Tech
    Alright so it was a nice day today so I decided to take my '68 out for a cruise. I drove it to the gas station which is 10 miles from where I live and it ran kinda sluggish. And it only has run like this when I get between 55-60. Sometimes it comes out of it. Sometimes it doesn't. After I got...
  3. 1987 mustang Fuel Gauge not working

    hey guys got a prob! everything in dash board works as far as voltage oil rpm etc. since i bought this i can never get the gas gauge to work AT ALL. the things i have intented to do are: replaced the chip behind the cluster that looks like a voltage regulator ( 3x) i installed new fuel pump and...
  4. 1990 Mustang 5.0 Stalling Problem

    5.0L Tech
    My 90 5.0 will start and run for maybe a minute before the rail pressure drops and the car stalls and dies. I have replaced the spark plugs/plug wires/ alternator/ distributor cap&rotor/ Battery Terminals and just replaced the Fuel filter and installed a Holley Fuel pump (255lph). Please help.
  5. stuttering and hp loss through the whole rpm range

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1987 mustang gt, bone stock besides bbk cai, and o/r h pipe, and i just replaced plugs and wires. ive been having a problem with throttle response, while in neutral it revs fine, as soon as i shift into gear it bogs down and i have no acceleration, but it only does it once it warms up...
  6. 1993 5.0 Fuel system problem

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1993 Mustang 5.0. It died the other day, and would not crank. The fuel pump would come on when I turned the key, and sometimes it would stay on. When it would go back off, the car would crank for a few minutes, then die again. I replaced the fuel pump, the relay and the fuel filter...
  7. Fuel problem?? My Stang is dying!!! PART 2

    4.6L Tech
    Allright... I've tried to summarize this post because the other thread was too long and got off track. Still no resolution or ANYONE that has the same problem. Ok guys... I'ma need the pros to figure this one out. I have an on-going year long problem that has me doing nothing but scratching my...