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  1. Can a 98 bottom end handle a spilt port swap?

    V6 Tech
    Hello everyone, Been awhile since I posted. I'm currently about to do a split port swap on a 98 vert with 150,000 miles on it with stage 2 Tom Morana heads and intake and was wondering if the bottom end will hold? My other concern is the fuel rail situation. Anyone have any suggestions...
  2. *Fuel Injector/Rail Question*

    5.0L Tech
    My car is still ripped apart from the last fuel injector post, unfortunately - painting intake and TB and picking up the girl's cobra from FL - anyways... my friend told me that i should put vaseline around the top of the injector to make sure it doesn't leak when i go to start it up. What's...
  3. 2000 Mustang GT, Fuel Rail Help!

    4.6L Tech
    hello i believe this to be an easy question.<i have a 2000 GT.> I recently had to change my intake manifold (yes it cracked :so) well when i put it back in the fuel rail cross over line rested ontop of the exhaust so it melted, thus fuel spilling out. i bought a new fuel rail unit on ebay listed...
  4. 1988 Mustang GT Fuel Rail & Injector Removal Help!!

    5.0L Tech
    I am dieing to get my new intake in and I have not been able to remove the stock lower intake because I can't remove the fuel rails and injectors. I made the mistake of not relieving the fuel pressure before starting the installation. I removed the 2 bolts holding the fuel rails to the intake...
  5. Can you splice a high pressure fuel line?

    V6 Tech
    So I ended up cutting a fuel line. The line from the Fuel Rail to the Main Fuel. (see photo 2) 2000, 3.8L I have two questions (ok, maybe three) :) 1. Can one splice a high pressure fuel line? Incase I can't see questions 2 and 3. thanks. 2. If I need to buy the entire line...does it...