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fuel sending unit

  1. Fuel Sending Unit suggestions

    Classic Tech
    So I have a brand new gas tank from CJ-P-Parts that came with the fuel sending unit. I used what came with it to replace my extremely old tank that was full with what looked like tar and the OEM sending unit was rusted out. I didn't think anything of it to use the one that came with the new tank...
  2. Fuel Sending Unit/Fuel Gauge on Empty even when tank is full

    5.0L Tech
    Ok to start with this is on the following: 1990 Mustang GT 5.0 stock motor AOD transmission Equal Shorty Headers Offroad h-pipe Pro-dump mufflers MSD Ignition/wires/coil I have owned this car for 7 years nowI don't exactly remember when, but the fuel gauge quit working one day (a long time...
  3. 1966 Mustang coupe, Leads on quality fuel sending unit

    Classic Talk
    I'm replacing a fuel sending unit on my 1966 coupe and would like something of higher quality than the repro I'm replacing. Without spending too much. I'm not even 100% this will fix my leak, but I've gone through 3 gaskets with no luck and the electrical connection can be spun, seems like...
  4. Tips on fuel sending unit gasket replacement - 1966 Mustang

    Classic Tech
    Hi, I recently noticed a leak at my fuel sending unit and replaced the gasket. I wasn't too confident in the seating of the gasket but I put a couple gallons of gas after replacement and no leak. Yesterday tanked up and it began leaking again. Possibly there wasn't enough gas to reach the top...
  5. !968 Mustang Fuel Sending Unit

    Classic Tech
    Hello Everyone: I am Willie from California. I am trying to replace the fuel sending unit on a ford mustang (68). My question is regarding the O-ring. It seems like it is either too small or too big. Where does the O-ring actually go on the gas tank in the grooves? On top of the sending...