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  1. Weird gauge issue

    Classic Tech
    Hi all, 66 coupe, 289 auto I had the gauge cluster out to run a new switched power wire to my new tachometer, and now with it all back together the gauges are acting weird. When I turn the car on, the fuel and oil pressure gauges max out, and then slowly return to 0. The battery voltage gauge...
  2. Gauge Swap Question/possible Workaround

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Gauge Swap Question/Possible Workaround I have a 2005 Mustang V6 that I purchased new as soon as they were delivered to the dealership. Unfortunately, it only has 4 gauge cluster. I have been reading up on swapping the cluster for the 6 gauge cluster. Recently I came across my original...
  3. 1967 Mustang fuel and temp gauges not working

    Classic Tech
    So I think the quick question to this is does a +5vDC constant (vs. factory +5vDC pulsing voltage regulator) work for the factory gauges on a 67 mustang fastback? Background: I swapped my factory +5vdc pulsing voltage regulator to a homemade +5vdc fixed voltage regulator w/cap inline (found...
  4. Gauges going all crazy!!

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2003 Ford Mustang GT Manual Transmission. I was driving one day and the gauges on my car started acting crazy as well as the Air Bag light flickering. Service engine light came on as well. Over the course of a few weeks it began to get worse. It seemed the more electrical things on in...
  5. 2005 GT Problems

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    My 2005 mustang GT tach has stoped working; it got stuck for a day and then started working, however it was starting on the wrong RPM (starting on 2 instead of 1).
  6. Gauge Cluster LED Swap on a '02 Help

    V6 Tech
    I recently installed an interior lighting system from and it makes my interior look amazing...but that sickly green color behind the guages and hvac kinda kill it. Has anyone done this swap on an 02' or seen a thread including it? I know the New Edge bulb sizes are different than the...
  7. 1996 V6 Mustang - Speedometer jumps at random speeds

    V6 Tech
    My speedometer has always "jumped" around at random speeds. Mostly highway and neighborhood driving speeds I guess. I attempted to replace the Vehicle Speed Sensor, but unfortunately the OEM replacement doesnt fit. It's like 1 mm off. Another weird thing is that when I know it has the wrong...
  8. 2003 Mustang GT Gauge Cluster Lighting Issue

    4.6L Talk
    So I did a search and couldn't find exactly what I needed, so I solicit everyone's help. While the GT was put up for the winter, I decided to solve the pesky problem I've been having that the car didn't have a visible cluster at night. Mainly, the lights weren't working properly. It had this...
  9. 1994 Cobra Mustang Pace Car rebuild with gauge problems

    Just as a fast intro: I am 56yo. Got my first Mustang in 1969, a 1965 GT convertible, that I restored myself in 1986. My second Mustang is a 1965 "K" code coupe that I restored in the 1990's. And my 4th Mustang is a 1994 Cobra Pace Car replica that I bought new in 1994. I still have those 3. I...
  10. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Classic Tech
    DOES ANYBODY KNOW IF A GAUGE CLUSTER VOLTAGE REGULATOR FROM A 1969 WILL FIT A 1970?!?!?!?!? I NEED TO KNOW ASAP!!! I know the parts look physically the same but I wasnt sure if they functioned identical ( in terms of voltage output ) PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ANYBODY HAS AN IDEA! I FOUND A PART AND...
  11. gauges with pod installed today not a perfect fit

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Heres a pic of the gauge pod and gauges that i finished up this morning. Ive tried everything to make the pod fit better on the edges, but its just not a perfect fit
  12. Mustang Speedometer Needles

    V6 Talk
    ok i installed one of those white face glow gauge cluster things a while back. The only problem was i was screwing around with it and now some of the needles look damaged, theyre not like broken or bent or anything they just look weird. i was just wondering if there was a place that sold just...