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  1. Classic Tech
    This was addressed in a post about 5 years ago but didn't solve my problem. My generator light is off at idle but brightens with higher engine RPM. Car remains running when the neg battery cable is disconnected. With the engine off, battery voltage is 12.5 volts; with the engine running it is...
  2. Australia and New Zealand
    Hello, New to the forum, I am in QLD Australia, does anyone know where to find a generator for my 64 1/2 Mustang. Used condition would be fine. I want to keep the mustang original rather than put on an alternator. Cheers
  3. Classic Tech
    Hey guys, I am new to the forum, but figured I could use some help. I am restoring my first car, which is a 1964 1/2 Mustang coupe. I have dropped the engine in, but haven't been able to connect many of the components due to the confusion I am having. I bought the project from a guy who...
  4. Classic Tech
    I have a 1964 1/2 coupe (302 V8, C4, 9-inch rear) that has been changed over to a 3-wire alternaor. I still have the original horns in the car - made for a generator and they seem to work well - but should I change the horn relays to something different due to the alternator being used instead...
  5. Classic Tech
    I bought a Galaxie the other day. I know, this is a Mustang site, but the tech stuff is similar. The car is a 1963 and has a generator. If I remove it and put on a one wire alternator, disconnect the voltage regulator, what would this to the electrical system/what else would I have to do...
1-5 of 5 Results