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  1. Planning to buy one from 2014

    Hi guys. I am planning to buy Mustang 2014, 3.7 v6 in Germany. What should I need to know before I buy one? Also, what costs (fuel, tires, breaks, oil, etc.) are going to be if I am going to travel somewhere around 3k kilometers every 2 months?
  2. Supercharger in Germany for 2017 Mustang GT

    I've ordered a 2017 5.0 (US spec), and I was wondering how difficult it would be to get a roush phase 1 supercharger for it in Germany. Would I even be able to install one? If so, how long is the process on average? Thanks
  3. New member in Schweinfurt, Germany

    Brand new member just introducing myself, I am in the Army and live in Schweinfurt Germany, I have a stock 2004 40th Anniv. GT 2 dr coupe black with about 125K miles. I plan on making it kick butt on the Autobahn before I leave here, but I am a noob - there is a DITY shop on base and if i can...
  4. Introduction from Germany

    Hey everyone, finally I decided to register here. I am not driving a Mustang yet, but I'am planning to until July 2009 :D So I just wanna say "hi". All the best Snakey