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  1. How do I know if my 1983 mustang turbo gt is real and not a clone?

    2.3L Talk
    I bought this 1983 mustang turbo gt off a lady for $300 it has the mustang turbo gt emblems and whatnot all over it and the turbo gt hood scoop. She said she bought it from the factory and I believe her but I would really like to see if its the actual turbo gt because if it is it's rare. My...
  2. 1983 Mustang GLX 5.0 Notch. Daily driver or should I add some HP?

    I was lucky to find a 1983 Mustang GLX Notchback with a 5.0 motor with just under 100K miles. It was in great condition and everything was original except for the normal things that get replaced. I bought it to use as a daily driver so I had the engine pulled, painted, valves adjusted, and all...
  3. 1983 Mustang GLX 5.0 H.O. notch. My new ride.

    Everything’s original except for a few items i.e., distributor and spark plug wires. Had one owner who kept it in great shape. It has its original T5 transmission. It has a couple of rust spots on the inside bottom of the doors, just inside the trunk lid and in the driver side front fender where...