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  1. Classic Tech
    I have a '65 I6. I'm going to be doing a V8 swap down the road, so I'm planning ahead. On Craigslist, I've found a disc brake setup from a late-model Granada. The setup includes rotors, calipers, and spindles. He's asking $250. Does this sound like a fair price? I just bought my first project...
  2. Classic Tech
    Hey guys I know this will sound weird, but I got my 67 mustang able to be driven for the first time in about four years. I have several thoughts I'd like to get opinions on. Is it just that I'm used to a modern car or is this thing really uncomfortable? The steering wheel hits my thighs, when I...
  3. Classic Tech
    Hi. I am using the Granada front disc set up for my 67. I'm looking for a better pad and rotor combination. I'd like to keep the calipers. If you have had any experience with this please let me know what products you used and where you purchased them.
  4. Classic Talk
    My dad is fighting with his commuter a 97 Nissan pickup. No fire. Tried everything. Long story short he tried a used ECM from a local salvage yard and it didn't work. He now has a $100 credit and has offered it to me. It's unlikely they will have any classic mustangs. What could I pick up...
1-4 of 4 Results