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  1. Classic Tech
    1969 Grande 302 My alternator needs replaced. I am going to eventually rebuild it but i want to throw in a replacement in the mean time. I want to make sure what i get will work and fit correctly. Here's what im looking at now if someone with a little more knowledge(than myself) on the grande's...
  2. Introduce Yourself | No Tech Questions Please!
    Hey Guys, Just another amateur mechanic on here trying to keep his old jalopy running. I restored my 1969 Mustang Grande with my grandpa while I was in high school and fell in love with classic cars. I have since moved away for school and I use the car to get around up here. It runs well...
  3. Classic Talk
    I have a 1972 ford mustang grande 302 v8 and am wanting to gain some extra hp/tq. What would be some upgrades would u guys recommend? I already have a 4 barrel carb, weidman intake system, performance camshafts.
  4. Classic Talk
    Im restoring my 69 grande and i dont really like the lemon ice color that the previous owner put on it. Im, thinking about a boss paint scheme with matte black base and red accents, if anyone has pictures similar to that theyd be greatly appreciated. Im also open to any other cool two tone paint...
  5. Introduce Yourself | No Tech Questions Please!
    someone is is offering me a 1971 mustang grande for 800 dollars should i buy it. It has a 351 Cleveland engine and it turns on but havent seen it go yet thats basically all i know at this moment. here some pictures of it.
  6. Classic Talk
    Has anyone ever put a front spoiler on a mustang grande? Would it be compatible? Any pictures or comments would be greatly appreciated. I have a 1970 mustang grande
  7. Classic Tech
    My 1972 Grande Coupe has been sitting for 5 years. Now I have the time and the ability to get her back on the road. I've done some research but not getting the results I was hoping for. What are the best new engine parts to use on my 351C? Best plugs,wires,distributor..... I want to do it...
  8. Classic Tech
    All right, so go easy on me because I'm not a mechanic and I don't know much about cars. I just started getting interested in all this technical stuff. About a month ago, I bought a 1972 Mustang from a private seller. He said that he hadn't done much for it, except for buying a new carburator...
  9. Classic Tech
    I just found out that the family 72 mustang Grande will be passed on to me. The car was bought brand new in 72 and has been garage-kept ever since. It has around 100k original miles on it. I want to start going through it and replacing what needs to be replaced in order to restore it in...
  10. Clasicos 1964-1973
    Hola a Todos :wavey: Pues ya me presente yo y pues ahora les presento a mi potro, que a lo mejor entrara en controversia por no encontrarse en condiciones originales (en cuanto a pintura y tapiceria), pero la verdad a mi me encanta como esta y pienso mantenerlo en estas condiciones un rato...
  11. Introduce Yourself | No Tech Questions Please!
    :waveyHello all. I am the current owner of a 1971 Ford Mustang Grande Coupe with a small block 302. I am the 3rd or 4th owner. I have had her for a little over 2 years. What I have learned so far: I know the Block is from a 1984 Ford Mustang GT, but it seems that all the accessories are from...
1-11 of 12 Results