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  1. 1966 Mustang Tie Rods Won't take Grease

    Classic Tech
    Anyone have tricks for forcing grease into tie rods that won't accept grease? My grease gun attaches firmly to the zerk, and I have removed each zerk to verify I can pump grease thru them. My tie rods don't seem worn out, so I don't want to replace them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. 2002 Mustang: Noise from the front when turning wheel

    Diode Dynamics
    Ok so I thought I needed a little grease but knew that mostly they are sealed and dont need grease Buddy mechanic says that yes they need lube but they are sealed OK, so what is that??? Now we dont grease we replace I guess What he did is drilled a hole into the joint and injected some...
  3. T5 Input Shaft Grease

    2.3L Tech
    Hey peeps, I just put together my new short-term project "Seda" (a thread on this car will be soon to follow, but it is a 1992 hatch with a 1991 2.3L N/A engine and 5 speed) and got it running nicely but have one very annoying issue. I put in a new clutch kit (pilot bearing, PP, disc and...
  4. Let's talk oil and grease for a classic

    Classic Talk
    Alright guys, finnally got the lost title issues worked out on the 67 coupe.:rockwoot::racer: Getting her ready for the maiden voyage with oil change, plugs, wires, hoses, new rear end grease, and tranny fluid and filters.:winks What do you all use for oil, rear end grease.:headscratch: I...
  5. What Grease should I use??

    4.6L Tech
    I need to lubricate the friction surfaces on my clutch release lever inside of the bellhousing on my 1998 Mustang GT (manual T45 Transmission). I also need to lubricate the front bearing surface on the release bearing. What grease/lubricant should I use. Would white grease or silicone lube (in a...