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  1. Listen: GT 500 Caught on Tape with a Double Clutch?

    Although the way the GT 500 looks is undoubtedly important, photos will always fall short, since the real attraction is the engine. So have some video footage of the GT 500 driving on the streets with clean audio. Unfortunately, the Mustang only drives away slowly, keeping revs low, but the...
  2. Watch: 6-Speed Manual GT 500 Caught Testing in Video

    Video footage of the 2020 Ford Mustang GT 500 testing has emerged and here's your first taste. Along with the video, we've got new pictures from inside the car showing what Ford's entry into the horsepower wars will look like inside and out. The GT 500 is expected to build on the excellent GT...
  3. 2011 GT 500 - 3,300 of 5,500 SOLD

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    If anyone is thinking about buying a 2011 Mustang you may want to think faster. According to a couple of different sources Ford already has orders for 3,300 of the 5,500 units planned for this model year. Since it was debuted it has sold over 600 per month and that means by November you may not...