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  1. Classic Talk
    Perhaps the most famous rental car of all time, the 1966 Shelby GT350H was built for Hertz, the rental car agency. In a move that could have only been conceived of when a fifth of Scotch was a reasonable business breakfast, Hertz decided to rent random people one of the era’s most potent track...
  2. Classic Talk
    Looks like barn finds really do still turn up. Or in this case, garage finds. It showed up on and just looking at this Mustang hertz a little bit. the finder says that it was located in the proverbial litle old lady's garage, and it's a Shelby. Not just any Shelby, though, one of...
  3. Classic Talk
    One of Shelby's own Shelbys is going up for auction later this month. It's a 1966 GT350H Hertz Rent-A-Racer that was part of Carroll Shelby's own collection. It didn't start out as part of the collection, though. This Wimbledon White with blue stripe car really was a Hertz rental from new. The...
  4. Classic Talk
    Who doesn't love the Shelby GT350-H?  In 1966, a beautifully mad plan between Hertz and Ford saw Shelby produce 1,000 GT350-H Mustangs specifically for rental car duty as part of the Hertz Sports Car Club. Ford wanted to put its high-performance Mustang in the hands of enthusiast customers, and...
1-4 of 4 Results