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  1. LoTechGTS new to AFM Site with a 1995 GTS

    I just purchased my 1995 Mustang GTS and couldn't think of a better place to find like minded individuals sharing there passion as a collective group. My Mustang is in rough shape, Got it 4/7/2013 I already dropped it off at the shop to do acouple items, change and check all fluids, tune up, and...
  2. Anyone thinking about doing this?

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Was looking at the Shelby GTS conversion, wondering what kind of collectability this would add if any, I can't believe they want another $9k to add the procharger though. Shelby American Inc. - 2012 GT350
  3. 1996 Mustang GTS

    Just saying hi hoping to meet some new people!! Im about to buy a 1996 GTS and Iv got a few questions i need answers to...
  4. Question on Mustang GT exhaust?

    4.6L Tech
    My friend just bought a 2002 Mustang GT. And I really love the sound of the exhaust thats on it. But the guy he bought it from said the previous owner put it on so he doesnt know what it exactly is. All my friend knows about it is that its X pipe and apparently has a Super 40 muffler in the...
  5. 2000 Mustang Chip Question

    4.6L Tech
    Hi again , I just bought a Delta Force Chip for my 00 gt , This chip its running a safe tune , and its tunes as well , it was running on a 01 Gt Vortech @ 8Psi , 39 Lb H Inyectors 3.73 Gears and Full Exhaust , This is EXACTLY the same things i had done to my 00 gt , so I bought it because...
  6. Looking for a GTS-4 hood for 2005 Mustang GT

    I'm shopping the internet for a GTS-4 hood any suggestions? I'm a newbie here, but I've had a daily driver Mustang since '95.. :bigthumbsup Below is my very fashionable pops:worship
  7. 2000 Mustang GT Supercharged, Maf question

    4.6L Tech
    Hi, I had a 2000 Gt , my question is , where can I put the MAF? it goes between the air filter and the supercharger or between the supercharger and the TB ... I had the stock MAF , I need help please:wavey
  8. To Spank a GT...

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Who here has beaten GT's.. and what mods you have at the time?