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  1. Classic Tech
    Hey everybody, So is it conceivable that I could replace my driver side handle and door latch on a 72 coupe? I can find the parts. Im assuming there is also an internal spring for the mechanism as well would that come with either of those two pieces? Or would it likely need to be purchased...
  2. 2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hey Everyone, I have a relatively new Race Red mustang V6 (less than 2,000 miles on it) mustang. After unlocking the car, (the door latches go up as they should), I have to pull the door handle once, door stays closed, then a second time and the door will open. Kinda like an anti theft thing...
  3. V6 Tech
    I haven't heard of this really happening to someone else but the other day when I tried to put on my parking brake, the metal snapped that the bolt was screwed into. My mustang has standard tranny so I sort of need the parking brake. Will the handle not being bolted down cause any damage if I...
  4. Classic Tech
    The Window on my Passenger side is broken. When trying to roll the window up, the handle just spins, not moving the window, however, you can manually pull the window up and down, and the handle spins around. the issue happened when a buddy of mine tried to roll the window up and had it at the...
  5. Road Racing / NASCAR Racing / HPDE
    what would be the best bang for the buck to make my fox handle so i only want to put in about a 1100 in this(not including tires and brakes) this is what i already have. *rear upper and lower control arms(the cheap 100$summit brand ones) *i have sn95 brakes of a 2003gt in a box just need a few...
  6. Classic Tech
    I cant seem to figure out how to change my E-brake handle or auto shifter knob for my 67 i6. I have no idea for the E-brake, the plastic part of the replaceable handle has a hole in it with a metal pin securing it to the metal shaft of the actual metal handle and I'm not really sure how that...
  7. 5.0L Tech
    I do plan to supercharge my car which should shoot it into the 400 HP mark once I am done with modifications. Should a rebuilt T5 handle 400HP? Rebuilt as in everything but the gears themselfs. This will be a street car only, w/o drag radials and w/o powershifting.
  8. 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    My passenger side door handle was damaged beyond repair. I have since ordered, received and had painted a replacement part. I was wondering if anyone could offer any help as to the replacement of the handle. I have found directions fro the removal of the interior panel but that's it. Any tips?
  9. 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Whenever i am driving if i ever hit a bump or my bass on my stereo is up my inside handles seem to rattle. there is also a rattle that seems to be coming from the vent. Anyone have any ideas what to do?
1-9 of 9 Results