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  1. Seats, Harness and airbags...

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    So...Back with more questions... Thinking about upgrading seats to get some better side support. However, I was informed that the 07+ mustangs have side airbags and if i want to deactivate the side airbag harness i would have to just basically do an airbag delete. I'm still using the car for...
  2. SN95.0 PROJECT, Harness Help

    5.0L Tech
    Hey there, as you can tell I'm new to here. I wont bother you with telling you about me, lets get down to the nitty gritty. i have a 1992 BMW 325I sedan, i also have a 1995 SN95.0, with 32k original :) you see where im getting with this? good. Engine is installed Transmission installed Drive...
  3. Need 5.0 EFI Wiring Help

    Classic Tech
    So I have a 1966 Mustang that's finally getting close to being running. Mainly I need to finish the hydraulic clutch and brake system and then the entire car wiring harness. It's got an EFI 5.0 out of a 1988 Mustang with a T-5. I'm using a 1991 Mass air harness with an A9L computer. Im then...
  4. 94 AODE/W trans controller help needed !

    5.0L Tech
    Ok guys and gals, Heres what I have. 1948 ford F3 truck all mustang underneath. 1991 5.0 HO efi to carb swap already done. 94 AODE/W trans installed. 97 mustang rear axle. 2005 Crown vic front suspension.(still ford ;) ) Heres my issue. How do I control the transmission? I already know about...
  5. '65, 3-point front seat belts

    Classic Tech
    Hi everyone. So, I've finally made the decision to add some 3 point harnesses to the front seats of my '65 coupe. I've spent time reading all the threads I could find, but still have a few questions about the best location for the shoulder pivot-point. It seems like there are a few schools...
  6. Swapping sn95 gt drivetrain into foxbody

    5.0L Tech
    Okay so i have a complete 1994 gt auto 152km that has a salvage title. I picked up a 1987 lx with a 4banger doing some horse trading. I have the engine and tranny out of the fox and am ready to swap the drivetrain over from the sn95. From my research most everything should swap over (plus the...
  7. Is it possible to tighten the turn signal switch?

    Classic Tech
    My turn signal switch is loose causing it to only come in contact when you put it in the right place. Is there anyway to fix this or make the contacts bigger? The turn signal harness is brand new. Thank you
  8. Need help with wiring harness

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I just installed heated seats in both of my front seats and i can't figure out what to wire them too. at first i thought i would get the power from the cigar lighter since each seat requires 10 amps and the cigar lighter supplies 20 amps. However, i realized that the cigar lighters are always...
  9. 05 Mustang Windows won't go back imparted splicing the radio harness

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I was in the middle of exchanging my radios out. Instead of buying the $15 radio harness to plug in it o decided to splice the factory harness. I knew this was a bad I DEA when I saw sparks and a little smoke. That's when my windows were stuck down. then I reconnect all the wires back to the...
  10. Unknown wire harness under dash 2000 v6

    V6 Tech
    Due to a recent incident with a sick dog I had to remove my center console for cleaning purposes. I have a CB radio and a volt meter hooked up to the plug that goes to the cigarette lighter and the non-existent traction control. Now that the center consol is out I can see the wiring a bit better...
  11. 1978 Tail Light Harness replacement. Is there a wiring kit for the rear?

    Mustang II Tech
    I am rebuilding a 1978 King Cobra. The tail light wiring and sockets are in poor shape. Does anyone know of a replacement that I can buy new or even updated? I had two factory ones and they are both weak.
  12. 69 w/tach --> 69 w/o tach help!

    Classic Tech
    I am purchasing a 69 mustang and it has had a tach previously. It doesn't come with the instrument cluster so im using a instrument cluster from a 69 without a tach. Is it possible to just plug in the connecter ad speedo cable and e good or do I need to change the whole underdash wiring harness?
  13. 2001 mustang, need help please

    V6 Tech
    I am currently installing a remote ignition switch (key fob) into my 2001 mustang 3.8L. Currently I am working with the ignition harness and cant figure out which wire is which. Can anyone provide me with a color code for the wires under the steering wheel?
  14. 3.8 to 4.6 harness swap car doesn't start

    4.6L Tech
    I just swapped my 99 3.8 for a 2002 4.6(both automatic) along with the harness and all. Thankfully all this came off my 02' GT donor. One owner(hate myself for wrecking her) and now I can't seem to get the car to even crank. I have no fuel pressure; car does not crank. But I can use the factory...
  15. 1995 mustang G.T. coupe stereo wiring harness diagram?

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    I have a 1995 ford mustang G.T. with a dash full of fords wonderfully confusing stereo harness with 6-7 plugs for the stock radio. my question is, does anybody have a diagram displaying which wires are which. im trying to connect my after market stereo but i cant find a diagram. any help is very...
  16. Reliable, inexpensive fog light wiring... where?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    im looking for a wiring harness for my v6 after market grile fog lights. most on the internet are Around $75 are there any others for cheaper?
  17. Will my fog lights work?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    i bought my grille about 2 years ago, it came with the lamps but no wiring harness. im just affraid if i buy it they wont work because the wiring connection points (behind the lamps) have been exposed. will it be fine?
  18. Installing a painless wiring harness in a 1969 mustang

    Classic Tech
    I recently bought a 1969 mustang that needed all new wiring. I took out the old wiring and have installed the painless kit. I started testing the system i had headlights and hi beams. Then i tried to start the car. My buddy said he heard a pop and then we had nothing no lights or anything. Did...
  19. Electircal Troubles, Wiring Harness 1967 coupe

    Classic Tech
    I am a college student on a tight budget and the wiring harness in my mustang has more dead ends than I can count. I have countless problems getting my stereo, heater, and wipers to work and once one is fixed the others fail. Wires also constantly fall off the fuse box so I need an upgrade...
  20. Wiring Harness for a 67 mustang

    Classic Tech
    I am a college student on a tight budget and the wiring harness in my mustang has more dead ends than I can count. I have countless problems getting my stereo, heater, and wipers to work and once one is fixed the others fail. Wires also constantly fall off the fuse box so I need an upgrade. The...