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head gasket

  1. ForumFix: He Blew a Gasket!

    Oil leaks, coolant leaks, transmission fluid leaks...they all have one thing in common. No one wants to see them, or the puddle of fluid they leave in the driveway. A blown gasket is one of the most common causes for these leaks, but how can you tell which gasket has blown — and, once you figure...
  2. Coolant reservoir overflow; now car wont start

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey all, i am new to the forum so first and foremost i would like to apologize if this post already exists somewhere, or if i have already broken some rule i don't know about here. I know how forum members can sometimes be very particular about the rules of their specific forum being upheld...
  3. Water/Coolant in #8 Cylinder

    Classic Tech
    9 months ago I had attempted to drive my 1971 Mustang with it's 351C from Oregon to California, I had rebuilt the engine over that winter and had broken it in around town. I got about 4 Hours into the 13 HR journey when my oil pressure went form 50 to 70 PSI IIRC, then the engine started to...
  4. Gasket thickness!! Clearances, money not a problem. Whats better?

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 68 302 block board to 4.040 (.040 over) and stroked 3.400 making it a 348.7 cid. I have AFR #1420 (AFR 185cc Renegade Aluminum Cylinder heads) My dad had the engine balanced and blue printed but i dont have that information. He had Fel Pro 8548pt2 head gaskets which are 4.100 boar...
  5. 1998 Mustang GT blown head gasket

    4.6L Talk
    I recently did some body work on my 1998 mustang GT, fixing the front end from a deer collision, so I hadn't drove it in a few days. When I tried to start it after the body was all fixed, it wouldn't start. The only thing I could think of that would sound like that is the fuel pump, since I...
  6. 02 Mustang- Overheating and Sputtering/Misfire

    V6 Tech
    I have an 02 Mustang. 3 months ago it was doing the same thing. I changed spark plugs, coil pack, radiator, and thermostat all within 2 weeks of each other. Even bought a new battery (it was due for that) and had to replace gasket at the gas tank. Yesterday I left and was stuck at the...
  7. 03 v6 - head gasket? help!

    Hi guys, I'm no expert on cars. Something is wrong with my 03 Mustang v6. I'm fearing the worst ( head gasket). I've owned the car for four years with no problems. I bought the car from a friend who was moving. In June, the check engine light came on. AutoZone re ad it* as an overheating...
  8. Which Head Gaskets Trick Flow Twisted Wedge?

    5.0L Tech
    Ok guys so i'm sure this has been beat to death many a time but i can't seem to find a definite answer on which head gasket to use.. I'm running a stock block 302 from my 95' GT the block has never been decked or anything like that. My heads are TFS TW170's that have been milled .005" With...
  9. Potential Head Gasket Problem

    V6 Tech
    Need help determining if I have a head gasket problem or not. 2001 V6 has 276 K Miles. Intermittently runs rough and when it does, it misses a lot, sputters and will not accelerate. New Coil pack, New Fuel filter. Fuel Pressure is about 60 PSI. No Water in oil. No Oil in Coolant. Good vacuum...
  10. 1984 head gasket help

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys, my 84 has blown its head its gasket. Now the plan is to do it in January or February when it slows down at the shop. I just started working in the shop 9 months ago right out of high school, and I am currently on the alignment rack, so I have not started my apprenticeship yet. I have...
  11. 1996 v6 head gasket help.

    V6 Tech
    Hi, I'm going to be as descriptive as possible, Its a 1996 V6 3.8L manual I've had this car for a about a year and a half. It has got about 250,000 miles in it. Anyway last year about this time exactly when it starts getting could out and a need to use the heat arises, my head gasket blew. My...
  12. 89 Mustang GT oil loss

    5.0L Tech
    I am having to add a quart of oil to my car at least once a month and keep getting coolent leaks as soon as I fix one I find another. At first I thought it was because the car had sat in the Vegas heat for a long time not running but now that I have been getting this check oil lit once a month...
  13. 1998 Mustang GT 4.6 SOHC Compression Check

    4.6L Tech
    Login to a private album so to start off... just picked up a Mustang thats been sitting for 2 years, not sure why the first year, but the second year the guy didnt pay his storage facility and they held it for a year till he paid up. he sold it to a friend who tried to replace...
  14. Coolant in Spark Plug Holes 2000 GT

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2000 Mustang GT with 152,000 miles and a manual tranny. I am getting a surge and buck when accelerating so I checked my COPs and there was coolant on the ones on the drivers side. The passenger side COPs are perfectly dry. I looked in the holes of the driver side and found puddles of...
  15. Need Help Bad..

    5.0L Tech
    Car always has a really high pitched whistle and isn't as powerful as usual and I found this.. Anyone tell me if its a blown head gasket?
  16. coolant in oil - help!!

    Classic Tech
    I have a 71 grande witha 302 that burns white smoke and eats coolant. I just bought the car and figured when I bought it that it had bad head gaskets. The car has true dual exhaust and i have equal smoke from both sides?? I ran a compression test (dry) and got about 125 - 130 psi on all 8...
  17. 1994 3.8 mustang blown head gasket or cracked block? how to tell!!

    V6 Tech
    **OR** cracked block lol... hey guys my last few threads were actually about overhating n whatnot, garage told me the other day they did the fluid test n turned pretty quick.!:( said either head gaskets or a cracked block and i bluntly said well wich one is it? and he said he thinks head...
  18. Possibly blown head gasket? 1973 rebuilt 302

    Classic Tech
    Today my dad and I went to break in our rebuilt 302 engine inside my 1973 mustang. (break in as in run the engine for 25 min at roughly 2500 rpm to break in the new camshaft) Everything on it is 100% brand new. About a week ago we went to break in engine, but ran into a bit of a problem. About 3...
  19. Removing 64 170ci Cylinder Head/Head Gasket

    Classic Tech
    I may sound stupid for asking this, but what do i have to do to remove the cylinder head and the head gasket to replace the gasket and clean the head? I have all the gaskets and whatnot for it but i just want to make sure i'm doing it right :bigthumbsup Thanks:D -Jm5
  20. 2008 Shelby GT-C, wanting better idle sound/ hp!

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey everyone.. my title says it all. My GT currently has magnaflow exhaust, the stock ford racing air intake, and thats about it. I'm looking to make my idle more aggressive and get a hp gain as well. From what I have read.. it seems that cams and heads would do the trick... should I port n...