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  1. Broken tab on cylinder head / installing headers on 65 I6 200 CI

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    After changing the fluids, some electrical work and front disc brake upgrades, we've started the engine and found a substantial exhaust leak on number six cylinder. Upon closer inspection, we found that the tab on the cylinder head for the exhaust manifold to bolt onto is missing. Any...
  2. Headers or v8 on 1966 inline 6

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    Right now I am deciding between getting headers for my inline 6 or getting the conversion kit for either a 289 or 302. I want more power but I would prefer torque over horsepower and I heard headers will help with that. How hard would it be to put a v8 in and how hard would it be to take it out...
  3. 1968 straight six header recommendation needed

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    Good evening. Well, the title says it all - we are in need of a recommendation for a header for our 1968 mustang with a 200CI inline six. Thanks in advance.
  4. Just Joined 1966 mustang I6

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    Can anyone tell me whats the best way to go on replacing the stock exhaust and headers on a 1966 Inline 6 with a stock carburetor without spending a lot of money? I was thinking of going with a Clifford 6 into 1 header and a Flowmaster 942446OR Super 44 Extreme Muffler - 2.25" Offset In / 2.25"...
  5. 200cid Headers..

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    hey guys.. i have a 200cid in my 80 mustang. all stock with 1946 1bbl holley carb i wanted to run headers, dual headers that use 3 cylinders each that run to a x or h pipe and end up coming out to 3" mufflers out each side.. is it possible to find headers that use only 3 cylinders? and would...