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headlight switch

  1. 1966 Mustang Instrument Light Issue

    Classic Tech
    My instrument lights don't turn on with the headlights. Instead they turn on with the courtesy lights (ie when the headlight switch is turned full left, or a door is open). Is this a headlight switch issue? If so, any suggestions on where to buy a quality switch? Thanks.
  2. 1966 Mustang Instrument Light Issue

    Hi. I'm the new owner of a 66 A-code fastback. We are beginning to do a restomod. My instrument lights work, but do not come on with the headlights. Instead they come on with the courtesy lights (ie when the headlight switch is turned full left, or door is open). Is this a headlight switch...
  3. Bad headlight connections

    2.3L Tech
    lately I've run into issues with my car not starting (at the worst possible times, like in an automatic carwash) and have played around with jumping the solenoid (because I thought that was the issue) among other things. I now realize that I basically need to replace most of my wiring, since...
  4. 1965 Mustang dash lights go out

    Classic Tech
    Hello. My 65 mustang instrument panel lights work with the ignition off, but as soon as i turn the key to the on position they go out. Even while running the lights fail to turn on. Any ideas what could be causing this? My back tail lights stopped working completely aswell. Thanks, Dustin...
  5. 1965 Mustang Headlight/ Headlight Switch Issues

    Classic Talk
    I'm having some problems with my headlights or maybe the headlight switch in itself. My headlights and the headlight switch are fairly new, both being replaced when my Dad and I did some restoration a few years ago. Now, my lights don't come on all the time when I turn them on, sometimes it...
  6. Healight switch frustration!

    Classic Talk
    Ok so I got the bracket off the old headlight switch and welded it onto the new switch. Now I am having trouble putting it all back together. When I screw it back in I screw as far as I can go but it still seems loose. I found a little clip as well as two washers inside the dash possibly from...
  7. 1966 Mustang-Installing Headlight switch

    Classic Talk
    I just started to replace my old headlight switch I got the old one out just fine and started to put the new one in. I noticed that the old switch has a brace I guess you would call it so when you screw the bezel back in it sits snug. I got a new motorcraft switch which supposidly fits my 66 and...
  8. How do I remove 2005 Mustang GT headlight switch?

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hi I have an 2005 Mustang GT and my foglights are not working headlights are working though? I ordered a whole new Headlight switch how do I remove old one and install new one? How hard is it to install thanks for the help.:bigthumbsup
  9. Light Switch won't go back on......

    4.6L Tech
    Will somebody please help me out with this. I'm not even ashamed to say this but I cannot get my headlight switch back on. I made a mistake and pulled it off one day and it will not go back on. I made sure that it wasn't broken or anything and I lined everything up but it will not go back on. It...
  10. 3rd light switch position

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    On the '05+ headlight switch bezel, there appears to be a blanked off switch position to the right of the dash dimmer knob. Do some models have a switch located there for something? I,d like to put my lower yellow fog switch there and it would be simpler and cleaner if there is an existing...