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  1. 1969 Mustang heater core replacement

    Classic Talk
    I have seen YouTube videos of heater core replacement on a 1969 Mustang. My car has never been restored and it has factory in-dash air conditioning. I understand it requires the complete removal of the dash. My question is, how difficult is this for a rank amateur, and, other than the heater...
  2. 1965 Mustang Heater Box Door Latch

    Classic Tech
    Greeting! The latest project is rebuilding the heater box and I am missing the latch for the access door. I cannot find just the latch from the usual vendors I buy parts from and I do not want to buy the whole box if I don't have to. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks!
  3. 65 Mustang Heater Blower Issue

    Classic Tech
    The heater blower motor in my 65 mustang does not work anymore, it was working for a few months (since I took apart the heater dash plate replaced it, cleaned the switches and the heater blower switch). Its a 2 speed and I was wondering where I could start looking, or where are common places to...
  4. Mystery part in 1966 289 heater box

    Classic Tech
    Hello gentlemen, I am rebuilding my cooling system which has become a bigger and bigger job by the day. It started with a new radiator and now it includes the entire heating system...all in a daily driver, so I am now cruising around with a hole in the firewall while I wait on the parts. To...
  5. Need a new Heater Box with A/C for 1967 Coupe

    Classic Tech
    I decided to tackle the task of changing (finally) my plugged heater core. (The car has factory A/C) Upon removal of the heater box I discovered my heater box was being held together with duct tape and more duct tape. I would like to find a new heater box with the heater core and evaporator...