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  1. Insufficient Cabin Heat

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hi, all. Last winter, I noticed that I wasn't getting sufficient cabin heat in my 2007 Mustang V6 4.0L. In previous years, the heat kicked a**. Toasted you right up. I've been trying to approach this systematically from a number of avenues. So far, this is what I've done (to no avail)...
  2. Best replacement Heater core 1967

    Classic Tech
    Hi All Just after some advice on the best option for a replacement heater core in my 67 non A/C. The current one has started leaking and is the older style cooper/brass. The alloy ones most shops seem to stock appear a bit smaller and I have read that the hose connection pipes aren't in...
  3. Coolant Leak Help!!!!

    4.6L Tech
    So I just finished swapping a 2015-16 coyote motor into my 2000 GT and upon first startup with coolant I had the heat on in order to bleed the coolant system to get fluid through the lines in the heater core. There is a small leak coming from the back of the motor and I cannot seem to find it. I...
  4. 03 mustang heater hose "quick" disconnect fitting

    4.6L Tech
    just replaced my heater core, well the car has the PAI supposivly quick disconnect fittings(which they dont seem to act that way) any ways when i got the hoses off the seals from inside the hose stayed on the heater core, so i slid them off and kept them to put them back in when i put it back...
  5. 1969 Mustang heater core replacement

    Classic Talk
    I have seen YouTube videos of heater core replacement on a 1969 Mustang. My car has never been restored and it has factory in-dash air conditioning. I understand it requires the complete removal of the dash. My question is, how difficult is this for a rank amateur, and, other than the heater...
  6. heater core failure after 6 months

    4.6L Tech
    alright so about 6 months ago i had to change the heater core in my 03 mustang gt, well everything has been fine until this morning, i smelled the antifreeeze and looked over at the passenger floor board and seen it spilling out, i already got the dash apart, but before i go any further im...
  7. Cooling System Issues 1993 GT

    5.0L Tech
    Car: 1993 GT, mostly stock, 5-speed Symptoms: Heater blows cold or lukewarm air Temperature gauge never comes up, stays at minimum Loud ticking sound while cooling down after engine is shut off (louder than normal) Symptoms I'm NOT having: Overheating. No steam after driving. Coolant...
  8. How do i replace my heater core for 2002 mustang gt

    4.6L Tech
    Recently started noticing that antifreeze smoke was coming out my dashboard so they told me it my heater core so if anyone can give me any advice on how to switch this out any advice will help thanks in advance
  9. Having trouble with my heater

    V6 Tech
    Hey all! So I have been running without heat since last fall (which made for an AWFUL winter!!). I have tried a few things, and so far not much luck. I flushed the radiator, but since it was winter, and bitter cold out, I was not able to run the hose through it to get all the junk out.. This...
  10. Heater core leaking... again!

    Classic Tech
    Hello all! I replaced my heater core about a month and a half ago - it was leaking. I replaced all of the hoses and clamps as well. I got into it this morning only to see that it is leaking once again. Any thoughts? I read a post about electrolysis (sp?). The guy I bought it from...
  11. 1988 Mustang GT Heater Core Notes

    5.0L Tech
    Mustang Monthly Heater Core “Next time we’ll opt for a root canal instead” has great photos. The MM website also has an older instruction on how to replace a heater core with the AC still connected. Late Model Restoration also has an online instruction. Its a good time to replace blower motor...
  12. Mystery part in 1966 289 heater box

    Classic Tech
    Hello gentlemen, I am rebuilding my cooling system which has become a bigger and bigger job by the day. It started with a new radiator and now it includes the entire heating system...all in a daily driver, so I am now cruising around with a hole in the firewall while I wait on the parts. To...
  13. 1995 missing heater core hoses?

    V6 Tech
    ok i have a new problem here again. as it turns out there are no hoses connecting to me heater core. all i need to know is were do i connect the hoses to? im getting new ones soon but i need to know where they go
  14. possible blown heater core

    4.6L Tech
    so ive been smelling coolant when i get up to about 45 mph, the temp. gage is a little below where it normally sits which is odd (given that its been a little chili here 35 low and 75 high give or take) any who i had this issue with my last mustang and it ended up being the heater core because...
  15. water pump/heater core 98 3.8L help

    V6 Talk
    so a while ago i took on the challenge of replacing my water pump. well in the process i damaged something that goes in the top of my water pump, goes back on top of my intake manifold then connects into my heater core. i would like to know the name of this pipe so i can replace it.
  16. overheating problems

    V6 Tech
    i drive a 2004 v6 and i just got done replacing my heater core and now my engine is overheating and i have no idea why. i checked everything, there is no coolant smell coming from the car or leakage nor is the car steaming. i did remove all of the refrigerant from the ac line (dont know if thats...
  17. Heater core replacement for a 97 mustang gt

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys, I was wondering what the labor price would be to get my heater core replaced in my 97 mustang gt. Also the previous owner unplugged it all and caped it off. Will i have to buy more hoses?
  18. 2001 Mustang heater core question

    4.6L Tech
    The plastic cover inside the passenger side compartment houses the heater core and also the a/c drain. My question is, is there enough clearance between the bottom of the plastic cover and the bottom of the heater core to drill a hole and screw in a brass fitting to attach a new a/c drain hose...
  19. 1987 Mustang GT smell thru air vents

    5.0L Talk
    Okay i been nocting for the past month that when i drive and hit a stop light i see a faint smoke coming from the dash thur the vents. I didnt pay much attention because the cars running fine and i have leaks whatssoever. but when i turn on the ac to vent the smokes smells like radiator...
  20. Aluminum vs. Copper Heater Core Questions.

    5.0L Tech
    Hello everyone, I am about ready to buy a new heater core and go through that whole adventure. I know both copper and aluminum heater cores are available. I am wondering if anyone has any solid experience with which material would be more durable and worth it. I have my eye on an aluminum core...