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  1. 289 HEI install problems

    Classic Tech
    Hi all, 66 coupe 289 auto, trying to install this GM-style HEI distributor a friend bought for me but can't get it to run. I got the engine to 0 degrees on the crank pulley and the #1 piston all the way up and got the distributor to seat all the way. Is it possible to have the crank at 0* and...
  2. HEI conversion

    Classic Tech
    Have an original 1966 w/289. Need help with new HEI distributor. New HEI has a pigtail with a red and a green wire. Green wire is supposed to be for the tach. Having trouble figuring out where this connects. Car has a factory tach. There is one wire coming out of the old distributor which...
  3. Hei distributor wiring?

    Classic Tech
    Just ordered a brand new hei unit and the car runs good but I had it connected straight to my battery so the car wouldn't shut off unless I unhooked the line. Where can I wore It too ? Fuse panel? S terminal on solenoid? Bypass bailey resistor? How would I do that I have no clue what a ballast...
  4. Help with wiring HEI

    Classic Tech
    Hello guys, I hope I can find some help...I am new to this forum... I have a new HEI dizzy with 3 wires coming out. black w/ red stripe, black w/ purple stripe, and solid black. How do I wire this. It is for a 68 mustang with a 302 auto trans. Motorcraft is the dizzy brand. Can anyone point me...
  5. Rally Pac install with a HEI Distributor

    Classic Tech
    I have a 1966 coupe 289 and I just bought a Scott Drake rally pac and I am having problems with the Tach not working with my HEI distributor. Is there a way I can make my the Tach work with a GM style HEI distributor or do I have to switch it out or is there a tac box I can buy to make the tac...
  6. 1966 Mustang Coupe 289- Hei distributor problem!!

    I just bought a new hei distributor for my '66 289. i have all of the wiring done and the resistor bypassed but i cannot get the distributor to set down into place. anyone have any tips for me?? HELP!
  7. New 302 HEI distributor Help

    Classic Tech
    I am installing a new HEI distributor on my 1971 block 302 and have a couple questions. I understand the wiring coming into the distributor but am not sure which order the plug wires go on the top? I am also wondering if anyone can start me off in the right direction as to where the cap should...
  8. HEI installation need help

    Classic Tech
    i want to upgrade my ignition possibly to a msd kit. How do i go about making the timing and firing order right if i replace the distributor. also i have a 40,000 volt flamethrower coil is that good enough or do i need a special coil. I figure i have to replace the ignition module and the...