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help me please

  1. New brakes worse than old ones??? 66

    Classic Tech
    Just did a disc brake swap up front and then new drums on the back. Dual bowl, proportioning valve, 4 piston calipers, new brake lines, all that jazz. They brake worse than they did with my old drums and only 2 of them were working out of 4. Having 4 new brakes I thought they would crazy fast...
  2. 1972 coupe hardtop

    My dad bought me a 72 mustang coupe a couple months ago, will anybody help me find foam seats for it and tell me the link to it please. Im a 16 years old and trying to restore my car.
  3. 1966 Mustang wont turnover? Starter issue?

    Classic Tech
    Ok so I daily drive my 66 coupe (l6 3 speed manual) And i wake up today to go to work and IT WONT START! It sounds like the starter is spinning, but the engine wont turnover or do anything. any clue on what this might be? Its got power. its definately not the battery. but I really just hope it...
  4. Help!!! 1966 mustang inline 6, Leaks everywhere D:

    Classic Tech
    HELP ME!!!! I have no clue what to do... Rear main seal is leaking, I am burning oil, there was oil on my spark plugs, the transmission is grinding in every gear.... I just had the pilot bearing, release bearing, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, rear main seal, engine oil pump, new...
  5. Help with 1966 Inline 6 t5 conversion?

    Classic Tech
    ok, So I have a 66, with the inline 6 motor and have the 3 speed manual transmission. The synchros are absolutely terrible and grinding in every gear and its getting worse. I want to switch to a t5 instead of rebuilding these awful transmissions but I have no idea what i need. Is there a kit...
  6. 1966 Mustang Intake Manifold Vs Waterpump ? Help! D:

    Classic Tech
    I am installing A/C and I am running the heater hoses, but forgot which one is what.. I have the 200ci line 6 1966 mustang. Is the water pump on the drivers side of the engine and intake on the passenger side? I can not find anything to help me :/ Please help if you can! I know I sound stupid...
  7. Cable controlled vs Electronic AC/HEAT??

    Classic Tech
    Alright, I am about to buy the Old air, Hurricane ac/heat kit and I am trying to save money, is there that big of a difference in the cable controlled compared to electronic controls? I just want ac here in GA cryin.gif I found it for 1,085 plus 38 s+h for the cable version on ebay from the...
  8. 1966 Mustang Leaking From Transmission??!

    Classic Tech
    Alright, so I am kinda panicking right now... I just got enough money for the hurricane air conditioning kit ive been saving for, and OF COURSE SOMETHING ELSE GOES WRONG!!! I have the l6, 3 speed manual 66 coupe, and it just started dropping what I believe to be oil right where the transmission...
  9. mustang gt 12 help to identify injectors

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    i need to know if my mustang gt 2012 is using stock injectors or after market, and if those are after market,which kind are or how can i know, cuz is giving me 15.2 mpg :im confused::scared:scared: can someone please help me out if u dont know thank u anyways for taking ur time of reading...
  10. 1966 I-6 Post-Carb installation issues

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys I just recently installed a rebuilt autolite 1100 carb. on my 1966 I-6 Mustang, with C-4 Trans. It is running much smoother. But today whenever shifting from "PARK" to "REVERSE" the car itself shifts and you are able to hear/feel the shift then it starts to putter out and then dies...
  11. A/c line getting icee, and no air in dash vents.

    4.6L Tech
    have a 97 mustang gt, and when I turn on my a/c, the (metal that goes into the dash from engine bay) line gets ice all over it. Now also my vents on my dash have no air coming through them, yet the floor and defrost work fine...?? Really need some help, just fyi I fo not have a heater core, its...
  12. carburetor Issue, 1966 I-6 1bbl, HELP PLEASE Site Problem and Bug Reports
    Hey guys I have a couple questions about this carburetor, any help or input would be greatly appreciated! Heres the deal. I had an autolite 1bbl carb on the car yesterday. and gas was leaking out of all of the wrong places. So the guy that I bought the car from let me swap it out with another...
  13. 91 mustang gt charging problem

    5.0L Tech
    ok my problem is when i turn on my car my volt gauge is in the middle were the m is at then i turn on my ac and it goes like to 10 volts and with my ac off and headlights on it goes like to 12 volts and my alternator gets relley hot i already replaced it twice and sitll gets hot this started to...