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  1. mustang 12 gt HELP injectors please

    i need to know which injectors my mustang 5.0 2012 is using, i bought it used and the owner befor me dnt know which one does it has, when i open my hood to check the injectors all i can see is a label with numbers >PA6< 927 0280158227 6-07-09-10140832 or can soomeone let me now if those are...
  2. First time on here ,1987 Mustang GT

    Just looking for advice on my 1987 Mustang Gt such as upgrades and tech support. Would like to start with advice on small boltons and so on. Dont want to get to crazy but any advice would be great. Already have 3:73 gears and a very nice shiftkit in the transmisson. And a bbk cold air kit on the...
  3. First Car 1986 Mustang V6 Hatch Back T-Top Foxbody Advice For Repairs Please

    V6 Tech
    Hey, I just got my first car and it needs some work. It's a 1986 Mustang HB with t-tops and it's a V6. Today I finished priming the rust spots after I sanded them to stop the rust from going deeper. It needs all new seals and floor pans. The rocker panels need replaced too. The rear quarter...
  4. My First Car 1986 Mustang T-Top V6 Advice For Repairs Please

    Hello, I just bought a 1986 Mustang V6 with a t-top. It's a hatch back and it's in great condition for being 24 years old. It has surface rust of course, but not much rust-through. I'm 15 and I got this car for $500 and I got more than what I payed for. It needs a little body work and evetually...