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  1. 1998 Mustang Gt Engine Swap Questions

    4.6L Tech
    I hope I am posting this in the correct area. I have had this account for a long time but I have only used it a few times so I am not experienced with it. I searched for a while on the different engine swap forums and I couldn't find the exact thing I was looking for so I apologize in advance if...
  2. Hood pin placement

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    So I have The Cervini Ram Air hood, and a set of functional hood pins. I'm thinking that the pins need to be towards the outside of the hood (as the center is raised significantly), but looking under the hood I'm not sure where to mount the pin post. Has anyone with this hood mounted pins on...
  3. Getting Weird HP Numbers

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    So I just had my car dynoed for the first time since I had all my modifications done and something just isn't adding up. While doing research, I learned a stock 2010 GT puts down about 276 HP and 281 TQ to the wheels. So it was quite the surprise to me that with my modifications, I am only...
  4. 1966 Mustang Coupe 302 V8 Overheating problems. Please Help I am Desperate!

    Classic Tech
    Hello, First off I would like to introduce myself. My name is Travis and I bought a 1966 mustang coupe with a 302 engine. I love the car, but the owner before me did some shoddy repairs and such. I have went through the whole car and done everything the right way, however I still have...
  5. 2003 Mustang V6 Idle surges to 2 grand as well as messed up exhaust work by previous

    V6 Tech
    My mustang seems to enjoy surging to 2 grand when idling and will not "reset" to normal idling RPMs. I believe it may have had something to do with my passenger side headers breaking off of the rest of the exhaust just above the connection to the pipes. It was obvious shotty homemade exhaust...
  6. New to the site, 2003 Mustang

    Just signed up today so i dont know too much about the site. I have a 03 mustang v6; mildly modded. Trying to see the best option for an engine swap. I was thinking a 351W would sound nice, only i dont know if i should get a short block, or a long block. What steps would i need to take to make...
  7. i can't find a complete list of under the hood parts for a 1968 mustang coupe

    Classic Tech
    i need to know all of the stuff i'll need to put under the hood because the coup i'm thinking about fixing up doesn't have any of the under the hood stuff...and i don't know much about cars...any and all help is greatly appreciated!! thanks in advance to everyone for their help=D:wavey
  8. 05 v6 bad automatic transmission or just needs service?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    ok guys so ive got a question. Yesterday as i was driving,came to a stop and as i then proceeded to accelerate from the stop my car shifted weird its like it stayed in a low gear then it "fixed itself." Well i got to my destination stayed for maybe and hour and a half,and when it came time to...
  9. 1967 mustang coupe confusion! help!

    Classic Tech
    I have a 67 mustang that im restoring. its a 351ci engine. with a 289 manifold. (Before i found out it had that engine i bought a radiator for a 289, because i was being told it was a 289.) i have the car running now , but about 5 minutes after i ignite it the radiator starts leaking from the...
  10. CAI Questions from the newbie.

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Alright, I got a 2007 V6 and recently purchased a JLT CAI without the tuner (A friend told me that you can install any CAI without a tune and it wont hurt your car any.) But when I got it, it came with a warning that said not to put it on your car without a tune, or "MASSIVE ENGINE PROBLEMS WILL...
  11. 2005 V6 Electrical Issues. Please Help I'm Desperate

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I purchased an AeroForm V6 grill with fog lights, and a street scene wiring harness. I followed all instructions that came with the wiring harness except for the switch placement inside the car. Instead of putting the switch in the car, i cut the switch off of the harness and connected the wire...
  12. 1995 Stock Side Skirts?

    V6 Talk
    does anyone know where i can order some stock side skirts off of a 1995 Mustang GT, or have any ideas? i had some body work done and they needed to replace the side skirt but the one that was replaced was later found to be different than the V6 style ones (and i like it more). The replaced one...
  13. 1994 Cobra Mustang header is glowing neednsome advice

    SVT Cobra Tech
    94cobra header is glowing on passengers side need some help