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help please

  1. Autolite 1100 carb issues. Help please

    Classic Tech
    Hey Guys I just got my refurbed autolite 1100 for my 66 coupe in yesterday. But I have a bit of an issue that I'm not quite sure how to resolve. Whenever I start the car. And begin to drive it, the throttle stays slightly open. So naturally its causing wear on brakes and drivabilitly. And is...
  2. need some tech help plz 1975 mustang 302

    Mustang II Tech
    I have a 75 mustang 302, and i have been having a problem with the car turning off after driving for a few minutes, it will just turn off. i have replaced the coil and still have the same problem after a few minutes of driving it will just turn off than when i got to restart it it will try to...
  3. does any one know

    2.3L Talk
    Does anyone know where i can find a set of halo projectors that have a dot number on them
  4. 2001 hood scoop help, installation please!

    4.6L Talk
    I have a 2001 mustang and I bought a hood scoop for it, and have it painted already. But I need some tips and help on ideas of how to install it. Here is the info from the site I got it from. "High quality UNIVERSAL fittting solid core urethane Hoodscoop. Mounts with with 3m tape and stainless...
  5. EFI conversion for my 1979 Mustang to 1986

    i need hints on how to install a electric universal fuel pump. there is only two wires . i know one is for the ground but i dont know the other. i dont know where to install the power source wire. also do i have to use the alternator wires on the computer harness for my 79 to 86 efi conversion.