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  1. 4.6L Talk
    I've got a 1998 Mustang GT with a Cold Air Intake, Dual Catback Exhaust, 3.73 gears, and a short shifter. The car is also lowered 1.5 inches and I believe it has an aftermarket throttle body but I'm not entirely sure on that one. Currently has about 162,000 on it. What kind of mods should I be...
  2. V6 Talk
    This is my first post and i really dont know if i should buy this car its a 2003 ford mustang automatic , alloy wheels, the body is in excellent condition. It has 150000 miles, it seems to work okay , im wondering if its a good buy or is does the high mileage mean it will wear out. If anyone...
  3. SVT Cobra Talk
    Wanna buy a very nice 03 cobra that I found for $16,000 but it has 81,000 miles on it Do you guys think that's a little to high miles for that engine or what? I don't know much about those engines
  4. V6 Tech
    94 V6 Convert has no electrical power to lights, dash lights, starter etc. 330, 000 miles. Bought at auction. Previous owner says didn't have this problem. Auction moves cars around via fork lift placed under front and rear end. Battery and terminals good. What is the likliest cause? Tks.
  5. V6 Tech
    Hey guys new to the forums and to mustangs as well, just got a 2000 stage 1 roush all stock. I've been looking at a few go fast options and found a complete m112 supercharger and supporting stuff for the v6(This is definatly the way i want to go if im gonna put any FI on the car).But my car...
  6. 4.6L Talk
    Would 100,000 miles be to many and unsafe for the engine to handle forced induction from a v1 vortech supercharger? And if it would be a safe option which parts should i upgrade to handle the extra power? Thanks,
  7. V6 Tech
    Hey guys im new to this site i would like to know and ask some questions about my 1994 3.8. I have a newer motor in it that runs like a charm and a new limited slip diff in the rear but i do have a question...the has 213,000 miles and a day at the strip on it. The car was babied before...
  8. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    My 4.0 just rolled over 61,000 miles its an 05 and its never seen winter, oil changes have always been done on time with synthetic oil and most of them Ive done myself (except when im crazy busy) Ive changed the rear end oil, replaced spark plugs and wires and added a few mods. My question is...
  9. V6 Tech
    Just picked up an '04 Vert in Sonic Blue for my wife. V6 with 74K miles and was thinking of using Pennzoil Ultra. Don't know what has been used by the 2 previous owners. Any thoughts on this? :bounce2:
1-9 of 9 Results