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  1. Roller pins

    5.0L Tech
    Hello, I have been able to remove both of my door hinge after a very long and tiring process. Since I have purchased the right angle adapter for when I tackle the passenger side. I figured while I am in there I might as well replace the door spring as well as the roller wheel so that my door...
  2. After market hood and hood spring install questions.

    Classic Tech
    Im working on getting the chassis lined up to the point were the fenders fit nicely with the hood. I was measuring out the center of the hood when I noticed that the hood pin was not centered... its actually a quarter of an inch off. That and I just cant manage to get the hood dead center with...
  3. 1998 Mustang Driver Door Hinges

    V6 Tech
    The driver's side door on my 98 Mustang is sagging. I'm trying to decide if I should try and put replacement pins and bushings in or buy replacement hinges from Ford. The hinges looked to be bolted on and not welded. Any suggestions? Looks like it will be a straight forward repair / replace...
  4. 1965 mustang door alignment - what do you think?

    Classic Tech
    Wanted some thoughts/opinions on what you guys think is causing this issue: When I put my '65 back together, I aligned the doors and adjusted for gaps, with nothing else installed in the doors (just empty door shells). I also replaced the lower door hinges while I was at it, as the driver's...