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  1. Where is the differential filler hole in a mustang II?

    I can't find the differential filler hole in my mustang II. Where is it? Thanks
  2. Inner trunk possible rust issue

    Classic Tech
    I've had a problem with my trunk not shutting all the way down for a while... come to find out.. the metal piece that the latch bolts to is broke where it mounts on the bottom . How do I fix this? I rigged it for the time being so it will stay shut but I need a real fix. Tail light panel or is...
  3. Worth Patenting This Product?

    5.0L Talk
    Should I patent this product or, do you think I will have enough demand for it? The other day I had the issue of not installing the oil pump shaft when putting the oil pump on. So I made up a tool which would be able to hold the oil pump shaft clip and at the same time slide the clip down...