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  1. Wiring Relay Help

    Classic Tech
    I have a 68 Mustang that I've added a horn relay to. It did not originally have one, like most vintage mustangs. Since I modified my steering wheel I had to create my own horn button and because of that, wanted to ensure I did not fry it running full voltage through it. So, I decided to add a...
  2. please help horn problem on 99gt....

    4.6L Tech
    hi all sorry i havent been back here but was deployed back and my car horn made a sickening noise like it was wasnt abrupt like a was a gradual thing that lasted one day.....well now i checked the horn fuse under the hood and its good.....i push the horn...
  3. 66 Mustang electrical/wiring problem

    Classic Tech
    My 1966 mustang's horn, wipers, and cigaret lighter wont work. I check to see first if the wiper motor was messed up but it worked just fine. I checked if all the wires were on and they were. I dont know if a fuse is messed up, a wire is not connected or what. Please help. Thanks!
  4. no horn and no cruise. clockspring bad?

    2.3L Tech
    about a year and a half ago my franken-stang got finnished. since then, i havent had cruise control. not the biggest deal so i just ignored it. but recently my horn stopped working. it worked fine up until a month ago when it would sometimes not work at all, work only with one of the buttons and...
  5. Troubleshooting Horn in 1998 V6 Mustang

    V6 Tech
    Hi guys, I am a complete n00b here but I have learnt a lot from this forum and I have starting DIY-ing and doing basic repairs/maintenance on my car. I want to point out my specific situation here: 1. I have an Airbag warning light code 32 in my car for the last 8 months. It doesn't bother me...
  6. 1965 Mustang Horn Issue

    Classic Tech
    I have a problem with the horns on my 1965 mustang. When they are both plugged in, they do not work. At best they make a sound like they are trying to honk, but really nothing. When I unplug either one, however, the other one works fine. Nice and loud and the correct pitch. I checked the grounds...
  7. horn replacement

    V6 Tech
    i have a 2004 mustang and i hate to say it, but a sorry sounding car horn on it. i have bought a low tone horn for it but im not sure if the high tone horn should be replaced as well. What should i do? will it lower the sound if i keep the high tone the same and replace the low tone?
  8. Engine Code P0581 help

    Mustang GT500
    Car- 2010 Shelby GT500 Installed Vortech supercharger, kooks headers and xpipe. Got the tune from vortech. Put everything back together, loaded the tune, started it up and now the airbag light is on, its throwing a P0581 engine code (which has something to do with the cruise control) and the...
  9. Boss 302 Steering Wheel: Installation Issue

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I finally received my new steering wheel from AM. I followed instructions put by members on the forum. It seemed installation was easy and went by without a hitch, but when I reconnect the battery, the horn comes on blaring. It stays constantly on and doesn't stop unless I disconnect the...
  10. 2002 Mustang keyless entry problem

    V6 Tech
    I ran in to a weird one today. My Mustang all of a sudden kept locking my doors, gradually it seemed to get worse then started to beep the horn and flash the tail lights like I hit lock on the fob twice. Figuring my fob was going bad I pulled the battery in it but that did not stop it. While...
  11. 66 mustang horn not working

    Classic Tech
    On the '66 mustang we have the horn doesn't work unless the steering wheel is racked all the way in a bind. To pass inspection I've put an accessory horn button down by the shifter. This will activate the horn so I'm sure the problem is in the steering wheel. I've been told there is a...
  12. 2006 GT radio/horn dual malfunction

    Good afternoon everyone, I am trying to help a lady-friend troubleshoot her 2006 GT long distance. She came out this morning and found her radio control lights on, and when she turned the ignition her horn started going off and would not shut off. If anyone has seen, heard of or has a...
  13. 88 LX Horn swap/placement

    5.0L Tech
    I took my horn out when I did my motor swap, and now I cant remember where it hooks up (haha, stupid me)! I will be putting the stock horn in for now, but I eventually want to put a super loud air horn to make people jump when they cut me off lol Where the heck does the horn go? and how is it...
  14. 1968 Mustang horn wont sound

    Classic Tech
    I bought a 68 mustang a couple months ago. The horn didn't work when I bought it and I think I've found the problem, but man is it WEIRD! First off, I've already replaced the turn signal switch (the horn contacts were worn too short), and installed a new horn contact kit. It looks like the...
  15. 2001 Mustang-Airbag and horn problems

    V6 Tech
    I have a 2001 mustang. It was hit on the right tire and it caused the airbags to deploy. I bought new airbags and had them installed but the problem now is that the airbag light is on and wont turn off and my horn no longer works. Does anyone know how to fix these two problems? Or if I take it...
  16. 1966 Coupe Deluxe Steering Wheel Horn Installation(I NEED detailed instructions)

    Classic Tech
    I need a parts list and DETAILED installation instructions
  17. 65 Mustang Horn Contact Issues

    Classic Tech
    Hi Everyone, So on my mustang I've been plagued by the horn contacts behind the steering wheel. When I first got the car I replaced the turn indicator cam/horn contact part mounted behind the steering wheel. The horn worked initially, but the contacts made an awful scraping noise as I...
  18. 1967 Mustang Horn Rehab?

    Classic Tech
    I have a 67 and I am playing around a bit before I start the restore this winter. I got the horn working again, but only the right on is working. I hooked the left one up to juice and still got no sound. My question is can you resto them, and is it even worth it?:headscratch: Anyone who has been...
  19. Help 2005 ford mustang horn/ alarm broke

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    so ive checked everything from wiring to fuses, my alarm system will flash but i get no audio from the horn, also the horn will not work at all. can anyone help?? specs: 05 v6 manual i believe it has the pony package also, when i shift, it sounds like my tranny isnt bolted all the way down, ive...
  20. 1967 Mustang Turn Signal Switch installation

    Classic Tech
    I recently replaced the turn signal switch in our 67, however, I had a little too much help form my youngest son and he removed the collar and rotated the cam before I could note where the alignment pin was. There were no insturctions with the part and while the switch is working fine I want to...