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  1. 2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Ok I need someones help. i am looking to supercharge my 12 mustang. I found the VMP Supercharger it makes nice horsepower without much modifications. My question is how reliable is it? Who has it? Is it easy to install?
  2. Classic Tech
    Well everyone, a couple months ago I rebuilt my 302 and there's quite a noticeable difference for performance, but It feels like there's more the engine can give, like Its not tuned properly. After driving the car around everywhere for the break-in, I'm curious as to what type of power my set up...
  3. V6 Talk
    I have a 1995 3.8l mustang. I was wondering if it is possible to create 100 HP for 1000- 1500 dollars. If so how may this be achieved. Amy advice at all is appreciated
  4. 5.0L Tech
    Seems like you all know what your talking about and I'm a new to this. I just bought a 88 vert. Been wanting one for a while for a summer ride. I'll give you sum spec the guy gave and had receipts for most. Gt40 crate motor, gt40 heads (iron gt40) and upper and lower gt40 intakes. Long tube...
  5. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    While I'm new to the site, I'm not a first time Mustang owenr - have had 1968 coupe and 1971 convertible. Have only 1000 Kms on my grabber blue 2012 GT CS convertible. While I bought it just before it was time to store it for the winter, I found the GT CS to be everything I had expected; it was...
  6. 5.0L Tech
    hi everyone i just what to know how much horsepower my car as here are the mods gt40p heads E303 cam 1.6 roller rockers ford racing headers underdrive pulleys bbk cold air intake trickflow street intake with 1inch spacer BBk off road X pipe and flowmasters and 355 gears 24 pound injectors msd...
  7. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    Hello all, I'm new to AFM and am planning on buying a 1994 Cobra Coupe this Wed. This will be my first mustang:) With the after market flow master exhaust and K&N being the only add-ons of this car it should be pushing around 250-260 hp. Has anyone actually dynoed their 5.0 cobra with similar...
  8. 5.0L Tech
    My 88 gt 5.0. Is kinda disapointing. And being that it is a sd car seems its going to cost me a ton of cash for good power. All I'm after is like 300-330 rwhp. I've got an old 351-w. Sould I just swap it and drop the fi?
  9. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    i have a 08' gt 5 speed only things i have done to it so far is i replaced the stock air filter with a K&N performance one and swaped the stock mufflers for two flow master super 40's i havent had a chance to get it to a dyno and was wondering if any one could gusse what im pushing thanks
  10. V6 Tech
    Just bought a 2000 gt and want to get started on boosting her power. Looking to start cheap and work my way up. I'll be taking the air silencer off for starters...would love some input on others.
  11. 5.0L Tech
    hi everyone im no gear head but im trying to become one lol. anyways i want to know what i should do 6 months down the road from now maybe sooner depends on income.. this is or will be my current setup in the next few weeks already have it all except the rear end under drive pulley kit, 65...
  12. 5.0L Tech
    Hey all I am working on a new engine, and I want to see what everyone has to say about what the power will be.. 1. Short block is a Coast High Performance 408 with all forged internals. 2. Compression will be 10.4 to 10.5 to 1 3. head are AFR 205cc Outlaw race heads with 205cc intake and70cc...
  13. 4.6L Talk
    Or so they claim, I Found some helpfull stuff for anyone with a 96-98 GT 4.6 SOHC Ford 4.6L and 5.4L Engine Build Ups Good luck guys:bigthumbsup
  14. 5.0L Talk
    I am kinda on a budget, but any suggestions on how I can rattle the doors off anyone who pulls up? Also any cheap ways to add easy horsepower?
  15. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    Hey everybody, I just got my first mustang. It's a 1996 automatic V6. It also has over a 100k miles on it. It runs great but I want more know how it is. I just purchased a super chip and flowmaster muffler, to make her louder, but have not installed them yet. I plan on putting on a...
  16. V6 Tech
    Hello everyone, I just bought a 2000 mustang V6 3.8L a little of a month ago, i havent had any real problems with it until now, for some reason when i got in the car today, it felt different when i was driving, it feels like the car has lost some horse power, the car takes longer to get up. It...
  17. 4.6L Talk
    hey everyone, i have a 2000 mustang gt 4.6. im wanting to get some more hp. iv got k&n cold air intake, and flow master 40's exhaust. i am thinkin about getting a performace stage 1 chip, what do you think? should i get the chip? and headers. what else could i get to get horses? i dont want a...
  18. 5.0L Tech
    Im about to buy this kit from trick flow i want to know what you think about this kit and what should i clean or replace while im down there and also i was going to buy the (absolute) biggest throttle body...
  19. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I'm not very smart when it comes to engines, sound systems are more my specialty and I just got a 2005 V6 Mustang and I want it to run like a beast! I would like to know if all the following equipment will fit my car and if they will run together in harmony. Please give your two sense :)...
1-19 of 23 Results