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  1. A Faster Horsepower: How do Horses Pull Cars out of Ditches?

    Classic Talk
    One horsepower is supposed to be the amount of work a horse can do. So why is it that a horse can run up to 50 miles per hour. Or pull a car out of a ditch. Things that a 1 hp car couldn't have a hope of doing. Basically, we saw a video of a horse pulling a Focus out of a ditch which led to an...
  2. 1965 Coupe 170 cubic inch motor looking to up grade to power brake drums.

    Classic Tech
    Hey Gurus and Techies, I have been considering to upgrade a 1965 Coupe to power drum brakes. I am still in the process of restoring and have not got to the undercarriage yet. Does the engine supply enough vacuum for that? It is still in stock condtion except for A/C was added. Also...
  3. Quarter Horse Tuning

    5.0L Tech
    :drool:Hey everyone again. Just to start out, I have looked at some threads on the QH on this site after I determined Id probably buy it. Just need a morale boost from anyone with experience with the QH and such and I know you are out there. I have heard people say its one of the best things...
  4. 1987 Mustang GT, horsepower gains and idle surge

    5.0L Tech
    i have a 1987 mustang gt and sometimes when i start it the idle goes to 2 grand:didnotdoit: and i dont know what the deal is with it:im confused:. and another things its stock and im putting bbk shorty headers and a bbk ssi upper and lower intake on it with fuel rails and 70mm throttle body how...
  5. 1999 v6... what do u think about adding nitrous

    V6 Tech
    Ight. I got a 1999 v6 mustang. It has air intake but thats about all. I was wondering what people think about putting nitrous on it. And i was wondering what are the chances of me messing up anything with the engine if i just used a 50 shot. or maybe 100. Also i was wondering what yall thought...