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  1. 5.0L Tech
    I am lookin for advise on what my combo will put out at the rear wheels, No a/c, what i have is this: 347 from C.H.P. AFR 185 heads Comp Cams XE274HR At 112 1.6 roller rockers Pypes X Pipe Amerivan Thunder System 3.73 rear gears Intake I have 2 Edelbrock RPM 2 and BBK SSI, the twin plemum...
  2. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    What kind of grill is this?? It has 2 big fog lights in the center and the running horse on the side??
  3. 4.6L Tech
    so i know that when you put and off road pipe on your car it will cause your car to have the check engine light on and cause it to run in safe mode...ive ran my car for about a month without the eliminators...and im getting ready to order a set but how much does running in safe mode actuall...
  4. V6 Tech
    Just out of curiosity How much horsepower can you gain with a windstar intake? what is the size of the throttle body whole... not sure what it is called... the inlet? Does it take alot to make it work? Is the whole thing expensive?
  5. 4.6L Tech
    So I'm wanting to do heads and cams in my car but i cant afford it right now where im in school is there any way i can safely run a mild cam with my stock heads and if so what kind of HP will i see form this.also will new intake help me out any..Thanks
  6. 4.6L Tech
    Im thinking about getting a programer for my car any suggestions and can these hurt my car. Also how much hp can i expect with my mods, and is the sct 4 bank tuner anygood for tuning on the fly
  7. 5.0L Tech
    Ok i've got a 1991 5.0L basically stock and im looking to finally get a set of heads put on it. There are tons of choices out there, and it gets pretty confusing. So what should i go with to get the best power for the price?
  8. 4.6L Tech
    I just bought a super clean 98gt a two months ago 96000mi... highly disappointed with acceleration.:headscratch: It is auto and I have installed a cai. I got way better response and on cold nights and it actually pulls a bit now. I have counted missispi style and i got 0-60 in 7 seconds. Also...
  9. Classic Talk
    I just bought a 351 windsor... and I have ordered numerous parts for it. I was wondering if you guys could give some guesses as to how much horsepower it will make. It is a 1972 351 Windsor with a 408 stroker kit as well as an aluminum heads and intake, plus the cylinders are bored .030 over...
  10. 5.0L Tech
    Here's the deal, I own a 1991 LX hatch. Mostly stock as of right now. I want to know (in your opinion) what the best possible parts I can put under the hood are. Money is of no concern. I want the most horsepower with the best street reliability. Not worried about whether the parts are legal or...
  11. Introductions
    I'm fairly new to this forum, for starters I have a 2006 Mustang GT (manual shift) and I'm looking to add/change several things if/when I can. I bought the car fairly new in may of 2007, with about 4k miles, since then I've put on another 15k. I just recently changed the tires and clutch...
  12. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    As everyone knows Mustang Week 2008 ended recently after a great week of fun and MUSTANGS!!! Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped to make Mustang Week 2008 a great show. We were GOLD sponsors at MW08 this year and I am sure that I got a chance to meet a lot of you there. Well...
  13. V6 Tech
    I just bought my first Mustang and I am looking to put some upgrades on it to boast performance, however I do not want to do anything incredibly radical where I will end up destroying the engine overtime. Its a 2004 3.8L V6 Automatic Mustang with a cold air intake already installed and I am...