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  1. Vacuum Line problems?

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone, My 1965 mustang 200 6 cyl has a vacuum leak somewhere. The vacuum lines are all hard lines and there aren't any extra ports to hook up a vacuum gauge. What is the best wait to hook up a vacuum gauge? Also, would anyone suggest converting the hard lines into hoses for easy...
  2. 03 mustang heater hose "quick" disconnect fitting

    4.6L Tech
    just replaced my heater core, well the car has the PAI supposivly quick disconnect fittings(which they dont seem to act that way) any ways when i got the hoses off the seals from inside the hose stayed on the heater core, so i slid them off and kept them to put them back in when i put it back...
  3. New Brake Booster '68 6 cyl- where do i install the vacuum line?

    Classic Tech
    Bought CSRP kit with power booster. This is for a '68 6 cyl- does anyone know where i install the vacuum power booster hose? the kit came with a hose and two hose clamps.
  4. 2001 V6 intake hose issues

    V6 Tech
    I had an idling issue with my 2001 v6 mustang, so i looked around the web on how to fix it. I ended up cleaning out my IAC and my throttle body. Now it run way smoother thumbsup3.gif but while cleaning them out i saw that the hose near it was brittle and in bad condition. I know this may cause...
  5. Fix Or Repair Daily

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Wallet is substantially lighter this evening - by $470 to be precise. AC wasn't working and it turned out to be a cracked AC line (pn 19972) off the compressor at 50,430 miles. $130 for the hose-tube combo - OK $1.47 per oz of R134a - double Walmart's price $28.78 for AC oil - OK, I suppose...
  6. Brake hose to caliper adapter 1968 fastback

    Classic Talk
    My new 9" rear with disc brakes is using a 10mm fitting on the caliper for the brake hose to attach to it. I would like to use the stock brake hoses for the 1968 mustang. Is there an adapter that the brake hose attaches to and then will attach to the 10mm fitting on the caliper?
  7. 01 Engine/Piping, Something Popped, Gasket? Some Help?

    4.6L Tech
    Was driving around tonight, and I didn't notice any popping sounds, or anything out of the ordinary till I came to a light and I have what I believe to be Vapour pouring out from under my hood. When I get it back home there is what looks like water or coolant all over my Air intake hose up...
  8. 86 gt fuel pump fuel lines/hoses

    5.0L Tech
    So weve been haveing some nice weather odd for this time of year. So I decided to replace the rotted rusty old tank under my 1986 mustang gt. To which I Thought was leaking to find That one of the hoses from the fuel pump to a fuel line and the other the fuel filter. There are two they have the...
  9. need help with this heater hoses route

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys i just got an 02 gt as a birthday present. everything seem ok until i saw this two holes from the heater hoses on the firewall. i really dont have an idea where they go so before getting the parts i would love to know where do they go? here is a pic... thnaks guys. obviously the heater...
  10. Awesome website for hose covers!

    Classic Talk
    Hi guys! I was looking for something different than the standard red, blue or stainless braided hose covers for my 66. I found this website called Made4you. They carry colored sleeves as well as colored clamps and other cool stuff! Check 'em out! One kit is enough to do the entire engine. I...
  11. 1966 mustang with 1994 carbureted 5.0 radiator, fan and hose options

    Classic Tech
    when i got my 1966 mustang the 289 it came with was out, as was the C4 automatic transmission. a couple months back i bought a 5.0 from a 1994 GT with a T5 5 speed and put a new intake manifold/carburetor on it and put it in. also, when i started the project all i'd ever done is change my oil on...
  12. Mach 1 silicone radiator hoses

    4.6L Talk
    Hey guys, I have been searching google for some time now trying to find silicone radiator hoses for my 03 mach. since im going to be replacing just about every radiator hose anyways, i figure id go with silicone in a bright red to match the paint while im at it, but i cant seem to find anybody...
  13. 2002 mustang gt intake manifold

    4.6L Tech
    I recently had my heater hose blow off of my 2002 ford mustang gt it took the plastic coupler that leads to the intake manifold with it. I understand I have to replace the entire intake manifold from what im being told but i need help insuring that I get the right one. Can i please get some...
  14. 1997 3.8L Coolant Hose Burst

    V6 Tech
    I have a 1997 v6 whose bypass hose burst today, the 4th of July of all days. I'm having trouble finding it online. all I can find is the piece that goes through the firewall, but i need the metal hose section with a short rubber hose crimped on it, it attaches to a "T" which contains a temp...
  15. Found disconnected hose. What is it?

    Classic Tech
    I found a disconnected hose when taking the rear wheel off the driver side of my 68. This hose is supposed to be connected to the rear axle. The connector is directly on top of the rear axle on the driver side. It's about 8 inches in from the drum brakes on that axle. What is it and what...