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  1. 5.0L Tech
    I have a 1991 LX mustang 5.0 aod and I heard somewhere that a 5285 Grant steering wheel hub will work on my car. I have Grant steering wheel I bought at autozone. I looked that part number up and found it at jegs but it says nothing about fitting my year model. I'm just curious if it will work.
  2. 4.6L Tech
    I had my Cobra inspected today just as a "getting somewhat close to rainy season" thing. Turns out I need my front right wheel bearing replaced. They quoted me $125 for the "Front Hub Assembly" and then $100 for labor after tax it comes out to a little over $230. I feel like this is steep for...
  3. 5.0L Tech
    Hey, I've looked everywhere, but can't find the answer.. Does anyone know the diameter of the hub for a '91 5.0? ex: (the pic is a '94, but I need '91) Thanks!
  4. Classic Tech
    I'm replacing the 10" front drums on my V8-66. The old drum/hub assembly had an interference fit that I had to press out. The replacement drum does not have the same interference. Is this something I should be worried about, or will torqueing the wheel on be enough to take up the slack...
  5. 4.6L Tech
    This is going to seem like a really stupid question. My girl hit a curb in my stang and i have a bent axle. Im changing it out this weekend. The axle comes with axle bearings and seals, that i can do. However the wheel bearings are what trips me up. So i have an axle and a hub bolted to the...
  6. V6 Tech
    I've got a 1995 Mustang v6. I was wondering what the torque spec for the front wheel hub bearing retainer nut is? Where you found it and does the retainer nut have to be replaced every time? Reason I am asking, I asked the ford dealer (2 different people) and they say snug the nut then 1/4...
  7. V6 Tech
    Hi, this is my first post here, Hope I did'nt do anything wrong in the posting... I just bought a Zen Motorsports "Mug Battle Wheel" from eBay, and the seller told me I need a Hub Adapter. Does anyone have an extra one I can have or know where I can get one? Also I want to mount the steering...
1-7 of 7 Results