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  1. Classic Tech
    So, I've had this car for about a day, and it was running like a champ. But with my luck When I started the car after I had gotten off work, It turned over and ran for about 2 seconds, then shut off. I dont have much mechanical experience, but I've deducted its either the solenoid or the...
  2. Classic Tech
    New owner of a 1965 Mustang with 302 engine, C4 transmission, but I-6 rear end. I have four bolt drums all the way around. I ASSUME the front is the original I-6 suspension, but I want to know how to identify everything. The previous owner must have changed some things to get the V8 into the...
  3. New Member Introductions
    New to the site and new to Mustang restoration. Entering into a long term project car with youngest son and it seems that you can purchase a much nicer 1967 6cyl in the 7-8k range then a V8 for 12-15k. As we were looing to make a high performance "Sleeper" replacing the front and rear suspension...
1-3 of 5 Results