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  1. Help with identifying loose plastic part

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey guys, I drove my 2005 for the first time since January, and as I came back to the garage I noticed a loose plastic bit lying on the floor where my engine bay usually rests. Naturally I am worried sick; it seems to be broken on one side, as one of the lips that snap into another part is...
  2. mustang 2012 gt Need help identify INJECTORS

    i need to know which injectors my mustang 5.0 2012 is using, i bought it used and the owner befor me dnt know which one does it has, when i open my hood to check the injectors all i can see is a label with numbers >PA6< 927 0280158227 6-07-09-10140832 or can soomeone let me now if those are...
  3. Locker or Posi Unit?

    Classic Tech
    I just picked up a entire center section, for a 8 inch rear end, up last night for 60 bucks, still has the gears in it, that came out of a 1965 (maybe 64) Flacon Sprint. I got this for my 1965 mustang, and was told it was a posi. When i got to the guys house we took the center section off the...
  4. Help me identify this Cobra Mustang II

    Mustang II Talk
    This Cobra has been sitting it the parking lot behind my apartment for a very long time and I have been interested in it since day one. I'm not sure whos car it is, so before I take the time to write a note of interest on it I would like to know more about it. Usually I would assume this car is...
  5. Header part number identification

    Classic Tech
    Hello all. I have a situation. I have come across a pair of new headers that are unidentifiable. The only part number to be found is : 213424A. They are supposed to fit a Cougar and I want to see if they will also fit a 72/302/4speed/Mustang Convertible with no power steering or brakes. Has...
  6. 1994 Mustang Unidentified Electrical Connector

    V6 Tech
    I'm in the process of cleaning/fixing up my sister's 1994 Mustang convertible (V6, 3.8L), which I'm driving for a while. I was working on the interior and noticed an electical connector under the glove box that was just hanging, not connected to anything. I'm unable to locate an obvious...
  7. Need Help identifing where a harness goes

    5.0L Talk
    I have a 93 foxbody Mustang that i took the carpet out a couple months back i recently installed the new one and now only the + lumbar works. i connected the harness that goes to it but i was wondering if two of them goes to the power track because i have four other harness one is for the...