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ignition problem

  1. This "popping" has me stumped. Any help? Been an all summer thing.

    Classic Tech
    So I posted on here about a month ago about my 1968 Mustang with a rebuilt 302 in it. I've rebuilt the carb twice. New distributor, new pertronix ignitor (my problem was still there with the points) new cap and rotor. Already did a compression test. Did the spraying around the intake for...
  2. 2000 Mustang Ignition Shut Off - Anti-theft? Camshaft Position Sensor? Bad Wiring?

    Mustang Tech
    Thought I'd share something that's been going on for months. I found lots of troubleshooting on this board, and while some tips served as bandaids to the problem, I ended up with a tow to the auto shop this morning.... Background: Occasionally, I would go to start my car and when I turned the...
  3. trouble with my ignition system msd 6al

    5.0L Tech
    i have an 84 mustang and changed the dura-spark system to the msd 6al along with the blaster 2 coil and msd distributor, i am currently not getting and spark and im very tired of trying to figure it out i have the two thick negative and positive hooked to the battery orange and black to the coil...
  4. Issues with ignition.....need help/ideas

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Ok im stumped with this one, and by no means am i an idiot with my car, but im fairly certain im overlooking something small... Ive got a 2011 GT...installed a BOSS 302 INTAKE MANIFOLD, BBK LONG PIPE HEADERS/ CATTED X-PIPE, STEEDA CAI, BORLA S-TYPE AXLE BACK, and i have a custom BAMA tune on my...
  5. Will msd box fix ignition problem on 1986 Mustang GT

    5.0L Tech
    have 86gt ,took to shop cause it ont stay running and said its a ignition problem and the timing is swaying back and forth 20 degrees advaning and retarding was told a msd box would fix it any ideas already replaced module didnt work.
  6. 86 efi starting pro mem after interior swap please help

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys my brother in law and I tore the 86 interior out of his t top and put in a interior out of a 88 2.3L... Everything but the fuel pump wiring clipped in. But now the car won't start .. The fuel pump won't kick on .. The signals won't flash .. The headlights do work.. When I jump the fuel...
  7. 1991 Mustang LX

    Hello fellow members :) I am a new member to this site. I have been using it often lately, though, because I have had some car trouble. I am a relatively new driver and this 1991 mustang 2.3L is my first car. When it runs smooth its an amazing car (standard too), but when it misbehaves, it is a...
  8. Ignition prob. Gurus please help!!!

    5.0L Tech
    I have an 87 gt 5.0 and recently been giving me problems. One day I went to start it and it kept cranking like the starter was stuck. I bought a brand new starter and it was fine then started doing it again. I replace a solenoid and it didnt help any. It will even crank with the keys out. Only...
  9. 1966 Mustang L6 200 cid Won't Start

    This is my first post, but I've read numerous posts and advice many of you have given and they really have helped me fix a couple of problems and I've learned a lot, so in advance thanks for the help. Now, I'm looking for some advice that I don't see or can't find others have had. :worship I...
  10. 1990 Mustang GT convertible- loose ignition switch

    5.0L Tech
    While driving, my stang just turns off. Like I turned the key to the off position. After the engine quits I can wiggle the key and it fires right back up (it's a stick). I thought it was the ignition switch and replaced it yesterday, but it made no difference on the performance. I took out...