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ignition timing

  1. Backfiring thru carb, won't idle

    Classic Tech
    Hi all, 66 coupe, 289 bored .030 over, mild Edelbrock cam with Edelbrock lifters, intake and 500 cfm carb. Has probably 2k miles on the rebuild if that. The car sat for the better part of a year in my garage while I did work to it, installing an electric fuel pump, subframe connectors, disc...
  2. 86 5.0 Timing Retards around 2500 rpms

    5.0L Tech
    Hi. I have the original DS2 ignition. My timing steadily increases from 12 BTDC at 800 rpms to 30 BTDC at 2500. From 2500 rpms up, timing retards to 25 BTDC. This is with vacuum advance disconnected. Has anyone had this problem? Could this be the distributor, the module, or the harmonic...
  3. 83 Mustang 238 V-6 powertrain Ignition

    V6 Tech
    Have a kit car with first level electronic ignition (before lawsuit in California), 2 BB carb, PCV and little else in emission controls. 55k miles on it. Timing seems to 'vary' each time it's started up. Suspect timing chain 'slop' is the culprit. Anyone else experience this problem and have...