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  1. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    2007 Mustang Convertible Base V6 I was installing a new radio and speakers and removed the center console to do this. But I also removed the shifter T-handle with overdrive button. My problem is how do I re-assemble the T-handle and the over drive connector? There is a metal rod with a beveled...
  2. 4.6L Tech
    Recently started noticing that antifreeze smoke was coming out my dashboard so they told me it my heater core so if anyone can give me any advice on how to switch this out any advice will help thanks in advance
  3. 5.0L Talk
    Hey everyone I was unsure where this thread needed to go so sorry if Im in the wrong spot.I do all of my reading,starting threads,and posting with my ( not so) smart phone.I have no problems when it comes to starting a new threads or posting.However,I am completely lost when it comes to putting...
  4. 2011-2014 Mustang GT Tech
    In case anyone needs another perspective on how to install suspension, I hope this can help. This particular install was for ST Coilovers, but should work for pretty much all spring+shock/strut combos as well as other coilover brands that reuse the stock strut mount. It's really not that...
  5. 4.6L Talk
    MY name is Heath,I previously had a 1995 mustang gt with the 5.0.I had a accident back in febuary of 2008 and totaled my car.I begin to look for another car when I got out of the wheel chair and back on my feet.I found a guy that was kinda hard up for money that had a 1997 gt with the 4.6.I went...
1-5 of 6 Results