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  1. Classic Talk
    I removed the instrument bezel but all three bulbs look to be in perfect working order. To make sure, I replaced one of the bulbs with a new bulb and that bulb does not work either. Is there a short in one of the wires? Thanks, everyone!
  2. Classic Talk
    All my gauges work. Yet all the instrument panel lights are out accept the brake light which stays on continually, when i put my turn signals they light up, and when i put my high beams the red mustang lights. Everything else is dead any suggestions as to the problem?
  3. 2.3L Tech
    O.k. i've got this reocurring problem with my parking lights and instrument panel lights going out together. This happened about 6 months ago, and they were both out for a month, and all of a sudden just started working again. Now their both out again. All I've done so far is change the fuses...
1-3 of 3 Results